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date - get and print a date


date [-s] [-local] [-k] [-blind] option=value...


If no arguments are given, a date will be selected at random. Providing an argument will
restrict the search pool of dates. Hopefully these arguments will not carry forward into
the actual date. Only the superuser can select dates by name.

The -s option registers you in the date database and (if not -local) posts your vitals to
alt.personals (and, optionally, alt.sex.wanted).

Using the -k option selects a date, but does not make any further arrangments.

Ranges are specified with parentheses and brackets: (18,25) is 18 to 25 exclusive while
[18,25] is 18 to 25 inclusive. An array of selections is given with braces such as
``{blonde, brunette, redhead}''. Multiple responses are separated with commas, as in

-blind To arrange a blind date.

View prospective date's picture. To locate a picture, date searches several
picture databases, including FaceSaver (uunet.uu.net) alt.sec.pictures,
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica, and several FTP gif archives. You must have access
to the Internet for FTP to work.

If view=must is set, and date is unable to find a picture, a request will be
automaticly posted to alt.binaries.pictures.d asking for one.

Options to xv(1) may follow "view" or be put in the environment parameter XV.

The following options restrict the search pool to those who have supplied the necessary


Synonyms are also supported: midget, twerp, short, beanstalk, giant, basketball-

Synonyms: toothpic, feather, wide-load, blimp

Synonyms: juvenile, underage, thirty-nine, over-the-hill, {mom, dad}, {grandma,

sex={male, female}[,{yes, no, maybe}][,opt=sex(6) options]
If sex=yes and you are registering, your vitals are posted to alt.sex.wanted in
addition to alt.personals.

race={white, black, native-american, ...}
Various slang terms are also supported.

marriage={flirting, noway, maybe, once, twice, several}
Seriousness and experience.

kids={never, rightaway, oops, have, want}[,{one, two, three, four, bunch}]
Domestic leanings.

cooking={never, loveit, when_hungry}

color Synonym for race.

religion={Atheist, Moslem, Lutheran, Catholic, ...}

temper={mellow, quiet, hot-head}

interests={lists of possible interests}

Specify name of your date. Perfect for hitting on. Names can only be specified by

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