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dbwrap_tool - low level TDB/CTDB manipulation tool using the dbwrap interface


dbwrap_tool [--persistent] [--non-persistent] [-d <debug level>] [-s <config file>]
[-l <log file base>] [-V] [--option=<name>=<value>] {<database>} {<operation>}
[<key> [<type> [<value>]]]


This tool is part of the samba(7) suite.

The dbwrap_tool program is used to read and manipulate TDB/CTDB databases using the dbwrap

The following database operations are available:

· fetch: fetch a record

· store: create or modify a record

· delete: remove a record

· exists: test for existence of a record

· erase: remove all records

· listkeys: list all available records

· listwatchers: list processes, which are waiting for changes in a record

The following types are available:

· int32: signed 32bit integer

· uint32: unsigned 32bit integer

· string: "hello world"

· hex: hex strings like "68656C6C6F20776F726C6400" ("hello world")


Open the database as a persistent database.

Exactly one of --persistent and --non-persistent must be specified.

Open the database as a non-persistent database.

Caveat: opening a database as non-persistent when there is currently no other opener
will wipe the database.

Exactly one of --persistent and --non-persistent must be specified.

level is an integer from 0 to 10. The default value if this parameter is not specified
is 1.

The higher this value, the more detail will be logged to the log files about the
activities of the server. At level 0, only critical errors and serious warnings will
be logged. Level 1 is a reasonable level for day-to-day running - it generates a small
amount of information about operations carried out.

Levels above 1 will generate considerable amounts of log data, and should only be used
when investigating a problem. Levels above 3 are designed for use only by developers
and generate HUGE amounts of log data, most of which is extremely cryptic.

Note that specifying this parameter here will override the log level parameter in the
smb.conf file.

Prints the program version number.

-s|--configfile=<configuration file>
The file specified contains the configuration details required by the server. The
information in this file includes server-specific information such as what printcap
file to use, as well as descriptions of all the services that the server is to
provide. See smb.conf for more information. The default configuration file name is
determined at compile time.

Base directory name for log/debug files. The extension ".progname" will be appended
(e.g. log.smbclient, log.smbd, etc...). The log file is never removed by the client.

Set the smb.conf(5) option "<name>" to value "<value>" from the command line. This
overrides compiled-in defaults and options read from the configuration file.

Print a summary of command line options.

Display brief usage message.


dbwrap_tool <database> fetch <key> <type>

dbwrap_tool <database> store <key> <type> <value>

dbwrap_tool <database> delete <key>

dbwrap_tool <database> exists <key>

dbwrap_tool <database> erase

dbwrap_tool <database> listkeys

dbwrap_tool <database> listwatchers


List all keys from winbindd_idmap.tdb
dbwrap_tool --persistent winbindd_idmap.tdb listkeys

Fetch record with key "USER HWM" as uint32
dbwrap_tool --persistent winbindd_idmap.tdb fetch "USER HWM" uint32

Remove record with key "USER HWM"
dbwrap_tool --persistent winbindd_idmap.tdb remove "USER HWM"

Store and overwrite record "USER HWM" with value 214
uint32: dbwrap_tool --persistent winbindd_idmap.tdb store "USER HWM" uint32 214 hex:
dbwrap_tool --persistent winbindd_idmap.tdb store "USER HWM" hex D6000000


Use with caution!


This man page is correct for version 3 of the Samba suite.

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