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dcdirdmp - ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - Describe DICOMDIR content


dcdirdmp [ -v|verbose|vv|veryverbose ] [ -showrecordinfo ] [ -description ] [ -p|paths ] [
-filename ]


dcdirdmp reads the named dicom input file and interprets it as a DICOMDIR file, that is a
DICOM file containing an instance of the Basic Directory IOD.

If the file contains a valid instance of the directory, the hierarchical record structure
is traversed and displayed in a depth first manner. The default output displays selected
attribute values for recognized types of directory record, including the Referenced File
ID. The verbose options increase the amount of information dumped.

Note that directory record offset values within attributes are in bytes from the start of
the file (including meta-information header and pre-amble) and these point to the
beginning of the Item delimiter that introduces each item in the directory record
sequence. The offset values displayed in the verbose output for the first attribute of
each sequence item will therefore be 8 bytes greater, as the Item delimiter itself is not


The description and verbose output go to standard error.

Binary attributes are written in hexadecimal with a preceding "0x". Numeric string
attributes are written in decimal. Attribute values are displayed in hexadecimal or string
format as determined by the value representation.

The basic input switches are described in dcintro(1). Options specific to this program

Display all attributes in each directory record.

Display byte offset from file start and message start, in hexadecimal, and dump
contents while reading and once read.

Display byte offset with each directory record entry, in hexadecimal.

Display the Study and Series Description attribute values.

Show Unix style path information for each referenced file only (suppresses normal
output). Used, for example, to feed paths as command line arguments to some other

Show the name of the file supplied in the arguments; a hyphen will be reported if
no filename was supplied.



% dcdirdmp DICOMDIR
PATIENT SMITH^^^^ 1634-94
STUDY 1 19960101 113013
-> XA000002

% dcdirdmp -description DICOMDIR
PATIENT Jones^Thomas 3648263
STUDY 1 20110101 103425 CT Chest/Abdo/Pelvis
SERIES 1 CT Portal Venous Phase

% dcdirdmp -v DICOMDIR
PATIENT SMITH^^^^ 1634-94
(0x0004,0x1400) UL Next Directory Record Offset ...
(0x0010,0x0010) PN Patient's Name VR=<PN> ...
(0x0010,0x0020) LO Patient's ID ...
(0x0010,0x0030) DA Patient's Birth Date ...
(0x0010,0x0040) CS Patient's Sex ...
STUDY 1 19960101 113013
(0x0004,0x1400) UL Next Directory Record Offset ...
(0x0008,0x0050) SH Accession Number ...

% dcdirdmp -vv dicomdir.
******** While reading ... ********
@0x00000084,0x00000000 of 0xffffffff: (0x0002,0x0000) ...
RootDirectoryFirstRecord = 0x190
RootDirectoryLastRecord = 0x190
Number of records = 7
Offset = 0x190
@0x00000198: (0x0004,0x1400) UL Next Dir Record ...
Offset = 0x2a4
@0x000002ac: (0x0004,0x1400) UL Next Dir Record ...
PATIENT 1634-94-1 1634-94
@0x00000198: (0x0004,0x1400) UL Next Dir Record Offset ...
@0x00000268: (0x0010,0x0010) PN Patient's Name ...

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