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dh_makeclilibs - automatically create clilibs file


dh_makeclilibs [debhelper options] [-r] [-V[dependancies]] [-mminversion]
[-lnextincompatible] [-Xitem]


dh_makeclilibs is a debhelper program that automatically scans for versioned CIL (.NET)
assemblies, and generates a clilibs file for the libraries it finds.

By default, dh_makeclilibs scans the .dll files in the package directories and writes the
discovered compatibility data (major/minor, build, token) to "clilibs" files in the
appropriate packages.

However, if a file like debian/package.clilibs is found, this one will be installed and no
scanning is performed.


-V, -Vdependancies
--version-info, --version-info=dependancies
By default, the clilibs file generated by this program does not make packages depend
on any particular version of the package containing the assembly. It may be necessary
for you to add some version dependency information to the clilibs file. If -V is
specified with no dependency information, the current version of the package is
plugged into a dependency that looks like "packagename (>= packageversion)". If -V is
specified with parameters, the parameters can be used to specify the exact dependency
information needed (be sure to include the package name).

Beware of using -V without any parameters; this is a conservative setting that always
ensures that other packages' shared library dependencies are at least as tight as they
need to be, so that if the maintainer screws up then they won't break. The flip side
is that packages might end up with dependencies that are too tight and so find it
harder to be upgraded.

Like -V, but specifies only the version string, the package name comes from the
package that is actually processed. This option is more flexible if you try to set a
range of valid versions for different assembly packages coming from one source

Specifies the (expected) version of this package when the compatibility to the current
assemblies will break.

-r An experimental option to automaticaly guess the next incompatible upstream version
and insert them (like working with -l and -m options, see above). Do not expect the
guessed values to be always correct - normally, the usualy assumed version string has
the form generation.major.minor where versions with changes in "minor" are compatible
and "major" versions break with compatibility.

-Xitem, --exclude=item
Exclude files that contain "item" anywhere in their filename or directory from being
treated as shared libraries.

Uses the Mono runtime in . (used for bootstrapping Mono packages)



Assuming this is a package named libfoobar0.9x-cil, generates a clilibs file that looks
something like:
libfoobar 1.0.2345.0_23a12f34 libfoobar0.9x-cil

dh_makeclilibs -V

Assuming the current version of the package is 0.93-3, generates a clilibs file that looks
something like:
libfoobar 1.0.2345.0_23a12f34 libfoobar0.9x-cil (>= 0.93-3)

dh_makeclilibs -V 'libfoobar0.9x-cil (>= 0.92)'

Generates a clilibs file that looks something like:
libfoobar 1.0.2345.0_23a12f34 libfoobar0.9x-cil (>= 0.92)

Assuming that your package creates libfoobar-cil and liblafasel-cil, which are compatible
to 0.92 versions but the upstream is going to break compatibility in the next version,

dh_makeclilibs -m 0.92 -l 0.94

Generates clilibs file that looks something like:

libfoobar 1.0.2345.0_23a12f34 libfoobar-cil (>= 0.92), libfoobar-cil (<< 0.94)


liblafasel 1.0.2345.0_23a12f34 liblafasel-cil (>= 0.92), liblafasel-cil (<< 0.94)

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