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display‐dhammapada - display a verse from the Dhammapada


display‐dhammapada [OPTIONS] [num]
dhamma [OPTIONS]


The Dhammapada is an anthology of 423 verses from the Kuddaka Nikaya part of the Theravada
Pali Canon. It contains Buddhist ethical and spiritual precepts. One of the translations
is by John Richards; the other is an older translation by F. Max Muller.

display‐dhammapada and dhamma both print to the standard output.

xdhamma prints using notify‐send

See man xdhamma for details


‐r Use the Richards translation (default).

‐m Use the Muller translation.

‐b Display corresponding verses from both translations.

‐pl Use the Polish translation (default for Polish locale).

[num] Print the given number verse.

all Print all the verses.

With no arguments a random verse is printed.


To display a verse each time you log in on a console or open a terminal, put display‐
dhammapada in your ~/.profile, ~/.bash_profile or ~/.login, as appropriate for your shell.

To display a verse each time you log in on a graphical (X Window) session, run xdhamma in
your DE session start‐up or ~/.xsession.

To use display‐dhammapada with cowsay

display‐dhammapada | cowsay ‐W 120 ‐t

To use display‐dhammapada with zenity

display‐dhammapada | zenity ‐‐text‐info ‐‐title="Dhammapada Verse" ‐‐width=600

KDE has "amor" toy that can display various tips. To use the dhammapada for that enter these commands at shell prompt:

mkdir ~/.kde/share/apps/amor
display‐dhammapada ‐r all |perl ‐0777 ‐pe 's/\n\s*\n\s*\n/\n%\n/g' >~/.kde/share/apps/amor/tips

Then start amor K‐>Toys‐>Amor, right click on amor animation, select "Options" and check
"Show random tips".

One can automatically attach Dhammapada verse in e-mail footer. To do this with mutt add
set signature=display-dhammapada| in your ~/.muttrc file.

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