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dicomfind - vtk-dicom CLI


dicomfind [options] <directory> ...

-L Follow symbolic links (default).

-P Do not follow symbolic links.

-k tag=value
Provide an attribute to be queried and matched.

-q <query.txt>
Provide a file to describe the find query.

-maxdepth n
Set the maximum directory depth.

-name pattern
Set a pattern to match (with "*" or "?").

-image Restrict the search to files with PixelData.

Find all files in series if even one file matches.

-print Print the filenames of all matched files (default).

Print the filenames with terminating null, for xargs.

-exec ... +
Execute the given command for every series matched.

-exec ... \;
Execute the given command for every file matched.

-execdir ... +
Go to directory and execute command on every series.

-execdir ... \; Go to directory and execute command on every file.

Print a brief help message.

Print the software version.

This command can be used to locate DICOM files. It shares many features with the UNIX
"find" command. When searching for files with a specific attribute (with "-k"), the tag
can be specified in the form GGGG,EEEE or with its canonical name e.g. Modality=MR from
the DICOM dictionary. Alternately, the tags can be listed in a query file given with the
"-q" option (one tag per line). Attributes nested within sequences can be specified by
giving a tag path e.g. "-k Tag1/Tag2/Tag3". Either a forward slash or a backslash can be
used to separate the components of the path. Private tags should be preceded by the
private dictionary name in square brackets.

The "-exec" and "-execdir" arguments cause dicomfind to run the specified program on the
found files. For example, to dump each file one would use "-exec dicomdump {} \;" where
each instance of {} will be replaced by a found file, and ";" indicates the end of the
args to dicomdump. Alternately, if "+" is used to end the args, then the program will be
run on each DICOM series and {} will be replaced by all files in the series. The
"-execdir" argument is similar, except that it runs the program from within the directory
of the file (or files), and {} is replaced by just the filenames instead of with the full

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