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dicompull - vtk-dicom CLI


dicompull [options] <directory> ...

-L Follow symbolic links (default).

-P Do not follow symbolic links.

-k tag=value
Provide an attribute to be queried and matched.

-q <query.txt>
Provide a file to describe the find query.

-o <directory>
Directory to place the files into.

-maxdepth n
Set the maximum directory depth.

-name pattern
Set file names to match (with "*" or "?").

-image Restrict the search to files with PixelData.

Find all files in series if even one file matches.

Do not report any progress information.

--help Print a brief help message.

Print the software version.

Find dicom files in one directory and copy them to a new directory.

The output directory given with "-o" can use DICOM attributes, by naming those attributes
within curly braces. For example, consider
"{PatientID}/{StudyDescription}/{SeriesDescription}-{SeriesNumber}" or something similar
to produce a hierarchichal directory structure. The attributes used in the path should be
from the following list:

PatientID, PatientName, PatientBirthDate, PatientSex, StudyID, StudyDescription,
StudyDate, StudyTime, StudyInstanceUID, SeriesNumber, SeriesDescription,
SeriesInstanceUID, Modality, AccessionNumber.

The files to be copied are specified with search keys, which take the form "-k key=value"
where keys can either use the standard names given in the DICOM dictionary, e.g. Modality
or SeriesDescription, or can be in the form GGGG,EEEE with hexadecimal group and element
values. The tags can also be listed in a query file with the "-q" option (one tag per
line). Private tags should be preceded by the private dictionary name in square brackets.

The values used for "-k key=value" can use the wildcards * and ?, and can also use date
ranges of the form "19990103-19990105".

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