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Run dmtcp_checkpoint in OnWorks free hosting provider over Ubuntu Online, Fedora Online, Windows online emulator or MAC OS online emulator

This is the command dmtcp_checkpoint that can be run in the OnWorks free hosting provider using one of our multiple free online workstations such as Ubuntu Online, Fedora Online, Windows online emulator or MAC OS online emulator



dmtcp_launch -- start a process under DMTCP control.


dmtcp_launch [OPTIONS] <command> [args...]


dmtcp_command is a tool to send user commands to the dmtcp_coordinator remotely.


Connecting to the DMTCP Coordinator
-h, --host hostname (environment variable DMTCP_HOST)
Hostname where dmtcp_coordinator is run (default: localhost)

-p, --port port (environment variable DMTCP_PORT)
Port where dmtcp_coordinator is run (default: 7779)

--port-file filename
File to write listener port number. (Useful with --port 0, which is used to
assign a random port)

-j, --join
Join an existing coordinator, raise error if one doesn't already exist

Create a new coordinator at the given port. Fail if one already exists on the
given port. The port can be specified with --port, or with environment variable
DMTCP_PORT. If no port is specified, start coordinator at a random port (same as
specifying port '0').

Execute the process in stand-alone coordinator-less mode.
Use dmtcp_command or --interval to request checkpoints.

-i, -interval seconds (environment variable DMTCP_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL)
Time in seconds between automatic checkpoints. 0 implies never (manual ckpt
only); if not set and no env var, use default value set in dmtcp_coordinator or
dmtcp_command. Not allowed if --join is specified

Checkpoint image generation
--gzip, --no-gzip (environment variable DMTCP_GZIP=[01])
Enable/disable compression of checkpoint images (default: 1 (enabled))
WARNING: gzip adds seconds. Without gzip, ckpt is often < 1s

--ckptdir path (environment variable DMTCP_CHECKPOINT_DIR)
Directory to store checkpoint images (default: curr dir at launch)

Checkpoint open files and restore old working dir. (default: do neither)

Deprecated. Use --ckpt-open-files instead.

--ckpt-signal signum
Signal number used internally by DMTCP for checkpointing (default: 12)

--mtcp-checkpoint-signal signum
Deprecated. Use --ckpt-signal instead.

Enable/disable plugins
--with-plugin plugins (environment variable DMTCP_PLUGIN)
Colon-separated list of DMTCP plugins to be preloaded with DMTCP. (Absolute
pathnames are required.)

--batch-queue, --rm
Enable support for resource managers (Torque PBS and SLURM). (default: disabled)

Enable support for PTRACE system call for gdb/strace etc. (default: disabled)

Update environment variables based on the environment on the restart host (e.g.,
DISPLAY=$DISPLAY). This can be set in a file dmtcp_env.txt. (default: disabled)

--ib, --infiniband
Enable InfiniBand plugin. (default: disabled)

--disable-alloc-plugin (environment variable DMTCP_ALLOC_PLUGIN=[01])
Disable alloc plugin (default: enabled).

--disable-dl-plugin (environment variable DMTCP_DL_PLUGIN=[01])
Disable dl plugin (default: enabled).

--disable-all-plugins (EXPERTS ONLY, FOR DEBUGGING)
Disable all plugins.

Other options
--prefix path
Prefix where DMTCP is installed on remote nodes.

--tmpdir path (environment variable DMTCP_TMPDIR)
Directory to store temporary files (default: $TMDPIR/dmtcp-$USER@$HOST or

-q, --quiet (or set environment variable DMTCP_QUIET = 0, 1, or 2)
Skip NOTE messages; if given twice, also skip WARNINGs

Print this message and exit.

Print version information and exit.


Report bugs to: [email protected]
DMTCP home page: <http://dmtcp.sourceforge.net>

Use dmtcp_checkpoint online using onworks.net services

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