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dmtcp_restart -- restart processes from given checkpoint images.


dmtcp_restart [OPTIONS] ckpt1.dmtcp [ckpt2.dmtcp...]


dmtcp_command is a tool to send user commands to the dmtcp_coordinator remotely.


Connecting to the DMTCP Coordinator
-h, --host hostname (environment variable DMTCP_HOST)
Hostname where dmtcp_coordinator is run (default: localhost)

-p, --port port (environment variable DMTCP_PORT)
Port where dmtcp_coordinator is run (default: 7779)

--port-file filename
File to write listener port number. (Useful with --port 0, which is used to
assign a random port)

-j, --join
Join an existing coordinator, raise error if one doesn't already exist

Create a new coordinator at the given port. Fail if one already exists on the
given port. The port can be specified with --port, or with environment variable
DMTCP_PORT. If no port is specified, start coordinator at a random port (same as
specifying port '0').

-i, -interval seconds (environment variable DMTCP_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL)
Time in seconds between automatic checkpoints. 0 implies never (manual ckpt
only); if not set and no env var, use default value set in dmtcp_coordinator or
dmtcp_command. Not allowed if --join is specified

Other options
Allow root to run dmtcp_restart and disable uid checking. (default: disabled)

--no-strict-uid-checking (environment variable DMTCP_DISABLE_UID_CHECKING)
Disable uid checking for the checkpoint image. This allows the checkpoint image to
be restarted by a different user than the one that created it.

--ckptdir path (environment variable DMTCP_CHECKPOINT_DIR)
Directory to store checkpoint images (default: use the same directory used in
previous checkpoint)

--tmpdir path (environment variable DMTCP_TMPDIR)
Directory to store temporary files (default: $TMDPIR/dmtcp-$USER@$HOST or

-q, --quiet (or set environment variable DMTCP_QUIET = 0, 1, or 2)
Skip NOTE messages; if given twice, also skip WARNINGs

Print this message and exit.

Print version information and exit.


Report bugs to: dmtcp-forum@lists.sourceforge.net
DMTCP home page: <http://dmtcp.sourceforge.net>

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