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dosbox - an x86/DOS emulator with sound/graphics


dosbox [-fullscreen] [-startmapper] [-noautoexec] [-securemode] [-userconf] [-scaler
scaler] [-forcescaler scaler] [-conf configfile] [-lang langfile] [file] [-c command]
[-exit] [-machine machinetype]

dosbox -version

dosbox -editconf program

dosbox -opencaptures program

dosbox -printconf

dosbox -eraseconf

dosbox -resetconf

dosbox -erasemapper

dosbox -resetmapper


This manual page briefly documents dosbox, an x86/DOS emulator.

The optional file argument should be a DOS executable or a directory. If it is a dos
executable (.com .exe .bat) the program will run automatically. If it is a directory, a
DOS session will run with the directory mounted as C:\.

For an introduction type INTRO inside dosbox.


A summary of options is included below.

Start dosbox in fullscreen mode.

Start the internal keymapper on startup of dosbox. You can use it to change the
keys dosbox uses.

Skips the [autoexec] section of the loaded configuration file.

Same as -noautoexec, but adds config.com -securemode at the end of AUTOEXEC.BAT
(which in turn disables any changes to how the drives are mounted inside dosbox)

Load the configuration file located in ~/.dosbox. Can be combined with the -conf

-scaler scaler
Uses the graphical scaler specified by scaler. See the configuration file for the
available scalers

-forcescaler scaler
Similar to the -scaler parameter, but tries to force usage of the specified scaler
even if it might not fit.

-c command
Runs the specified command before running file. Multiple commands can be
specified. Each command should start with -c though. A command can be: an Internal
Program, a DOS command or an executable on a mounted drive.

-conf configfile
Start dosbox with the options specified in configfile. This file has a section in
which you can put commands you wish to execute on startup. Multiple configfiles can
be present at the commandline.

-lang langfile
Start dosbox with the language specified in langfile.

-exit dosbox will close itself when the DOS program specified by file ends.

-machine machinetype
Setup dosbox to emulate a specific type of machine. Valid choices are: hercules,
cga, tandy, pcjr, ega, vgaonly, svga_s3(default), svga_et3000, svga_et4000,
svga_paradise, vesa_nolfb, vesa_oldvbe. The machinetype has influence on both the
videocard and the available soundcards.

Output version information and exit. Useful for frontends.

-editconf program
calls program with as first parameter the configuration file. You can specify this
command more than once. In this case it will move to second program if the first
one fails to start.

-opencaptures program
calls program with as first parameter the location of the captures folder.

prints the location of the default configuration file.

-eraseconf, -resetconf
removes the default configuration file.

-erasemapper, -resetmapper
removes the mapperfile configured in the clean default configuration file.


dosbox supports most of the DOS commands found in command.com. In addition, the following
extra commands are available:

MOUNT [-t type] [-size size] driveletter sourcedirectory [-ioctl] [-usecd number] [-label
drivelabel] [-freesize freesize]


MOUNT -u driveletter

Program to mount local directories as drives inside dosbox.

The driveletter inside dosbox (eg. C).

The local directory you want to have inside dosbox.

-t type
Type of the mounted directory. Supported are: dir (standard), floppy, cdrom.

-size drivesize
Sets the size of the drive. See the examples in the README for details.

-freesize size_in_mb
Sets the amount of free space available on a drive in MB's. This is a more
simple version of -size.

-label drivelabel
Sets the name of the drive to drivelabel. Needed on some systems if the cd
label isn't read correctly. Useful when a program can't find its cdrom. If
you don't specify a label and no lowlevel support is selected (-usecd #
and/or -ioctl/aspi):

For win32: label is extracted from "Real Drive".

For Linux: label is set to NO_LABEL.

If you do specify a label this label will be kept as long as the drive
is mounted. It will not be updated !!

-ioctl Forces to use ioctl commands.

-usecd number
Forces to use SDL cdrom support for drive number. Number can be found by

-cd Displays all detected cdrom drives and their numbers. Use with -usecd.

-u Unmounts a mounted drive. Doesn't work on virtual Drives (like Z:\)


To mount your /home/dos/dosgames directory as C drive in dosbox:
mount c /home/dos/dosgames


Display the amount of free memory

CONFIG [-writeconf] [-writelang] file

CONFIG -securemode

Write the current configuration or language settings to file, which is located on the
local filesystem. Not a mounted drive in dosbox.

Switchesdosbox to a more secure mode. In this mode the internal commands
MOUNT, IMGMOUNT and BOOT won´t work. It´s not possible either to create a
new configfile or languagefile in this mode. (Warning you can only undo
this mode by restarting dosbox.)

The configuration file controls various settings of dosbox: The amount of emulated memory,
the emulated soundcards and many more things. It further allows access to AUTOEXEC.BAT.

The language file controls all visible output of the internal commands and the internal
dos. See the section FILES for more information.

LOADFIX [-size] [programname] [parameters]


Program to reduce the amount of memory available. Useful for old programs which don't
expect much memory to be free.

The name of the program which is executed after loadfix eats up its memory.

Parameters given to the programname executable.

-size The amount of memory to eat up (in kb). Example -32, -64 or -128

-f Frees all memory eaten up by loadfix.


Make dosbox reread the directory structure. Useful if you changed something on a mounted
drive outside dosbox.(CTRL-F4 does this as well!)


A utility to mount disk images and CD‐ROM images in dosbox.

Read the README of dosbox for the full and correct syntax.


Boot will start floppy images or hard disk images independent of the operating system
emulation offered by dosbox. This will allow you to play booter floppies or boot to other
operating systems inside dosbox.

Read the README of dosbox for the full and correct syntax.


You need to enable IPX networking in the configuration file of dosbox. All of the IPX
networking is managed through the internal dosbox program IPXNET. For help on the IPX
networking from inside dosbox, type IPXNET HELP and the program will list out the commands
and relevant documentation.

Read the README of dosbox for the full and correct syntax.


Keyb can change the keyboardlayout and the codepage used inside dosbox.

Read the README of dosbox for the full and correct syntax.

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