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dot2tex - Graphviz to LaTeX converter


dot2tex [--prog graphviz-command] [options] dot-file > tex-file
dot2tex [options] xdot-file > tex-file
graphviz-command -txdot dot-file | dot2tex [options] > tex-file


This manual page documents briefly the dot2tex command.

dot2tex is a tool for converting graphs generated by Graphviz to formats suitable for use
with LaTeX. Currently dot2tex generates code for PSTricks and PGF/TikZ.

The purpose of dot2tex is to give graphs a more LaTeX look and feel. This is accomplished

* Typesetting labels with LaTeX, allowing mathematical notation.

* Using native PSTricks and PGF/TikZ commands for drawing arrows, edges and nodes.

* Using backend specific styles to customize the output.


Input data is read from standard input if no inputfile is specified. Output is written to
standard output unless a destination file is set with the -o option.

dot2tex relies on the xdot format generated by Graphviz. dot2tex will automatically run
dot(1) on the input data if it is in the plain dot format. If you want to use other layout
tools like neato(1) and circo(1), use the --prog option.


A summary of options is included below.

-h, --help
Display help message.

-f fmt, --format fmt
Set output format. The following values of fmt are supported:
pgf PGF/TikZ. Default.
pstricks or pst
Use PSTricks.
tikz TikZ format.

-t mode, --texmode mode
Text mode. Specify how text is converted.
Text is displayed with all special TeX chars escaped (default).
math Output all text in math mode $$.
raw Output text without any processing.

Note that you can locally override the text mode by assigning a special texlbl
attribute to a graph element, or by using the texmode attribute.

-s, --straightedges
Draw edges using straight lines. Graphviz uses bezier curves to draw straight
edges. Use this option to force the use of line to operations instead of curves.
Does not work in duplicate mode.

-o filename, --output filename
Write output to file.

-d, --duplicate
Duplicate the xdot output. Uses the drawing information embedded in the xdot output
to draw nodes and edges.

--template filename
Use template from file. See the HTML documentation for more details.

-V, --version
Print version information and exit.

-w, --switchdraworder
Switch drawing order of nodes and edges. By default edges are drawn before nodes.

-c, --crop
Use preview.sty to crop the graph. Currently only implemented for the PGF/TikZ

Output the graph without a document preamble. Useful if the graph is to be included
in a master document.

Output only the drawing commands, without wrapping it in a tikzpicture or pspicture
environment. Useful when used with the dot2texi package.

Preprocess the graph through LaTeX using the preview package. Will generate a new
dot file where the height and widths of nodes and edge labels are set based on the
results from preview.

Enables output caching. dot2tex will check if the input graph has been processed
before. If it has not changed the graph will not be converted.

Preprocess the graph and run Graphviz on the output. Equivalent to:

dot2tex --preproc dot-file | dot2tex

--prog program
Set graph layout program to use when the input is in plain dot format. Allowed
values: dot (default), neato, circo, fdp, twopi.

Use pdflatex(1) instead of latex(1) for preprocessing the graph.

Ignore minimum node sizes during preprocessing.

--valignmode mode
Vertical alignment of node labels, where mode can have the values:
center Labels are placed in the middle of the node (default).
dot Use the coordinate given by the xdot output from Graphviz.

--alignstr str
Used to pass a default alignment string to the PSTricks \rput command:

\rput[alignstr] ...

Only works for the PSTricks format. PGF/TikZ users can instead pass an anchor=...
style using the graphstyle option.

Bypass Graphviz' edge label placement and use PGF/TikZ instead (tikz and pgf
formats only).

Use TikZ only styles when drawing nodes. No draw or shape option is added (tikz
format only).

--nodeoptions tikzoptions
Wrap node code in a scope environment with tikzoptions as parameter (tikz format

--edgeoptions tikzoptions
Wrap edge code in a scope environment with tikzoptions as parameter (tikz format

Write detailed debug information to the file dot2tex.log in the current directory.

Generate code compatible with PGF 1.18 and earlier.

The following options are used by the output templates.

-e encoding, --encoding encoding
Set text encoding. Supported encodings are utf8 and latin1.

--docpreamble TeXcode
Insert TeX code in the document preamble.

--figpreamble TeXcode
Insert TeX code in the figure preamble.

--figpostamble TeXcode
Insert TeX code in the figure postamble.

--graphstyle style
Sets the <<graphstyle>> tag.

--margin margin
Set margin around the graph when using preview.sty. margin must be a valid TeX
unit. By default margin is set to 0pt.

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