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doveadm-log - Locate, test or reopen Dovecot's log files


doveadm [-Dv] log errors [-s min_timestamp]
doveadm [-Dv] log find [directory]
doveadm [-Dv] log reopen
doveadm [-Dv] log test


The doveadm log commands are used to locate and reopen the log files of dovecot(1). It's
also possible to test the configured targets of the *log_path settings.


Global doveadm(1) options:

-D Enables verbosity and debug messages.

-o setting=value
Overrides the configuration setting from /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf and from the
userdb with the given value. In order to override multiple settings, the -o option
may be specified multiple times.

-v Enables verbosity, including progress counter.


log errors
doveadm log errors [-s min_timestamp]

The log errors command is used to show the last - up to 1,000 - errors and warnings. If
no output is generated, no errors have occurred since the last start.

-s min_timestamp
An integer value, representing seconds since the epoch - also known as Unix
timestamp. When a min_timestamp was given, doveadm(1) will only show errors
occurred since that point in time.

log find
doveadm log find [directory]

The log find command is used to show the location of the log files, to which dovecot(1)
sends its log messages. If dovecot(1) logs its messages through syslogd(8) and doveadm(1)
could not find any log files, you can specify the directory where your syslogd writes its
log files.

log reopen
doveadm log reopen

This command causes doveadm to reopen all log files, configured in the log_path,
info_log_path and debug_log_path settings. These settings are configured in
This is for example useful after manually rotating the log files.

log test
doveadm log test

This command causes doveadm to write the message "This is Dovecot's priority log
(timestamp)" to the configured log files. The used priorities are: debug, info, warning,
error and fatal.


This example shows how to locate the log files used by dovecot(1).

doveadm log find
Looking for log files from /var/log
Debug: /var/log/dovecot.debug
Info: /var/log/mail.log
Warning: /var/log/mail.log
Error: /var/log/mail.log
Fatal: /var/log/mail.log


Report bugs, including doveconf -n output, to the Dovecot Mailing List
<dovecot@dovecot.org>. Information about reporting bugs is available at:

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