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dovecot-lda - Dovecot's local mail delivery agent


dovecot-lda [-ek] [-a address] [-c config_file] [-d username] [-f envelope_sender] [-m
mailbox] [-o setting=value] [-p path]


The dovecot-lda is a local mail delivery agent which takes mail from an MTA and delivers
it to a user's mailbox, while keeping Dovecot index files up to date.

Main features of the dovecot-lda are:

* Mailbox indexing during mail delivery, providing faster mailbox access later

* Quota enforcing by the quota plugin

* Sieve language support by the Pigeonhole sieve plugin


Options accepted by dovecot-lda:

-a address
Destination address (e.g. user+ext@domain). Default is the same as username.

-c config_file
Alternative configuration file path.

-d username
Destination username. If given, the user information is looked up from userdb.
Typically used with virtual users, but not necessarily with system users.

-e If mail gets rejected, write the rejection reason to stderr and exit with status 77
(EX_NOPERM). The default is to send a rejection mail ourself.

-f envelope_sender
Envelope sender address.

-k Don't clear all environment at startup.

-m mailbox
Destination mailbox (default is INBOX). If the mailbox doesn't exist, it will not
be created (unless the lda_mailbox_autocreate setting is set to yes). If a message
couldn't be saved to the mailbox for any reason, it's delivered to INBOX instead.

-o setting=value
Overrides the configuration setting from /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf and from the
userdb with the given value. In order to override multiple settings, the -o option
may be specified multiple times.

-p path
Path to the mail to be delivered instead of reading from stdin. If using maildir
the file is hard linked to the destination if possible. This allows a single mail
to be delivered to multiple users using hard links, but currently it also prevents
deliver from updating cache file so it shouldn't be used unless really necessary.


dovecot-lda will exit with one of the following values:

0 Delivery was successful. (EX_OK)

64 Invalid parameter given. (EX_USAGE)

77 -e option was used and mail was rejected. Typically this happens when user is over
quota and quota_full_tempfail = no is configured. (EX_NOPERM)

75 A temporary failure. This is returned for almost all failures. See the log file for
details. (EX_TEMPFAIL)

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