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This is the command dphys-config that can be run in the OnWorks free hosting provider using one of our multiple free online workstations such as Ubuntu Online, Fedora Online, Windows online emulator or MAC OS online emulator



dphys-config - daily auto-install/update and/or remove config files


dphys-config [-f filter] [-cqvD]

dphys-config -h


dphys-config installs/updates and/or removes config files. It also triggers commands after
an new/updated config file is available or before an existing config file will disappear.
It can be run by hand, from cron and/or from init.d.

Get an list of config files from an configuration server. For each file in the list
retrieve that file from the same server, and only install it if it is new or changed
relative to what is already here. If a file is newly installed (or changed) then run an
postinstall script, which may trigger actions which are wanted to process the new config
(such as inserting data from an config file into an database). Also remove unwanted files.
If doing so first run an preremove script to tidy up stuff.

This is part of the D-PHYS (ETH Zuerich, Departement of Physics) automatic system
operation and maintenance setup.


-c configname: Use this set of config files instead of hostname set. Useful for chroot
or vhost installs, or for tests.

-f filter
filter: Only process lines which match the filter spec.

-q quiet: Don't produce an running report of activities.

-v verbose: Give large volume output, where sensible.

-D Debug: Activate an debug option. See source for how to use this.

-h help: Output help text, and then abort operation.


The config files /etc/dphys-config (sitewide) and ~/.dphys-config (personal) allow the
admin and users to set up the working environment for dphys-config.

These config files are sh script fragments full of assignments, which are sourced, in
above row, later config files assignments overriding earlier ones. Standard sh syntax
rules apply. Assignments are:

Sets the base directory in which all temporary files are stored. It defaults to
/var/tmp (for enough size and safe operation). Some users may like to use /tmp for
higher speed (tmpfs) or automatic deletion at boot time. Standard sh syntax rules
apply. Assignments are:

Sets the base URL to which all */<hostname>/<filename> combinations are added when
wget-ing config files. This can be an http: or ftp: or whatever other type of URL
which wget understands and can fetch an file from. Additionally it can be an file:
(this may be from an NFS server) URL, in which case wget is bypassed and the files
fetched directly using cp. It defaults to the error message generating and aborting
invalid setting of
http://not-configured-server.example.net/not/configured/directory, as there is no
sensible default possible. You must set this to where ever your config files should
be taken from.

Selects the name for which set of configuration files shall be used for this host.
Defaults to `hostname`.

Sets an regexp which selects which lines from the config file list are processed.
Defaults to .* (all).

Log to syslog that dphys-config has run. Good to see if cron and/or init.d have
done their job. Defaults to yes.

The config file list dphys-config.list, which is found via above settings, and is
downloaded to /etc/dphys-config.list or ~/.dphys-config.list, then allows the admin to
list what config files are to be fetched and installed/updated or removed, and what
scripts to run for them. These can be each given for the entire site (= all hosts) and/or
group and/or each host, or even merged from site+group+host subsections.

Use dphys-config online using onworks.net services

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