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dpkg-divert - override a package's version of a file


dpkg-divert [option...] command


dpkg-divert is the utility used to set up and update the list of diversions.

File diversions are a way of forcing dpkg(1) not to install a file into its location, but
to a diverted location. Diversions can be used through the Debian package scripts to move
a file away when it causes a conflict. System administrators can also use it to override
some package's configuration file, or whenever some files (which aren't marked as
“conffiles”) need to be preserved by dpkg, when installing a newer version of a package
which contains those files.


[--add] file
Add a diversion for file.

--remove file
Remove a diversion for file.

--list glob-pattern
List diversions matching glob-pattern.

--listpackage file
Print the name of the package that diverts file (since dpkg 1.15.0). Prints LOCAL
if file is locally diverted and nothing if file is not diverted.

--truename file
Print the real name for a diverted file.


--admindir directory
Set the dpkg data directory to directory (default: /var/lib/dpkg).

--divert divert-to
divert-to is the location where the versions of file, as provided by other
packages, will be diverted.

Specifies that all packages' versions of this file are diverted. This means, that
there are no exceptions, and whatever package is installed, the file is diverted.
This can be used by an admin to install a locally modified version.

--package package
package is the name of a package whose copy of file will not be diverted. i.e. file
will be diverted for all packages except package.

Quiet mode, i.e. no verbose output.

Actually move the file aside (or back). dpkg-divert will abort operation in case
the destination file already exists.

--test Test mode, i.e. don't actually perform any changes, just demonstrate.

-?, --help
Show the usage message and exit.

Show the version and exit.


If set and the --admindir option has not been specified, it will be used as the
dpkg data directory.

If set and the --local and --package options have not been specified, dpkg-divert
will use it as the package name.

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