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dpt-forward - Forward a bug or a patch upstream


dpt forward [option...] path/to/some.patch [bug-number]
dpt forward [option...] bug-number [path/to/some.patch]


--dist name
-d name
Distribution name. Determined from META, the "Homepage" field in debian/control file
or the "Source" field in debian/copyright, in that order.

Normally <dpt-forward> checks if the bug/patch is already forwarded upstream and
aborts if so. With this option, the check is still done, but execution is not aborted
and only a warning is issued.

--meta file
Specifies the location of the META file. Defaults to META.json or META.yml in the
current directory, whichever is found first.

--mode bug|patch
-m bug|patch
Mode of operation. Should rarely be needed.

Determines the meaning of the arguments. bug means that the first argument is a bug
number, and the second argument is a patch file name. patch means the opposite.

Determined from the first non-option argument and whether it looks like a bug number
or a patch file name.

All operations that require network are replaced with stubs, allowing for off-line

--ticket number
If present, the information is submitted to the ticket as an additional comment.

If missing, a new ticket is created.

--tracker name
-t name
Tracker used by the distribution. dpt forward currently supports cpan
(<http://rt.cpan.org>) and github. The default is determined from the
"resources->bugtracker->web" field of META. If that field is not present, cpan is

--tracker-url url
-u url
Tracker URL to submit the information to. Taken from the "resources->bugtracker->web"
field of META. Defaults to
"https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Dist/Display.html?Name=dist-name" for cpan and is
mandatory for github.

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