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dpt-packagecheck -- check package source for group policy consistency


dpt packagecheck -c check-option...

dpt packagecheck -p package top-directory check-option...


dpt packagecheck performs various checks of package sources and tries to correct them in
accordance with the policies of the Debian Perl Group.

Package selection options
dpt packagecheck can operate either on a single package, or on all packages maintained by
the group.

To run the checks on all group packages, use the -c option with working directory
containing packages/ directory.

To run the checks on individual package, use -p package top-directory, where top-directory
is the directory containing the packages/ directory.

Repository interaction
If the -a option is given, changes are committed to the repository by calling "mr commit".

If the -n option is given, no changes are committed.

If neither option is given, dpt packagecheck asks for confirmation before calling "mr

Note that "mr commit" also pushes the changes to the remote repository.

Check selection options
-A Run all the checks.

-V Add/fix "Vcs-Git" and "Vcs-Browser" fields in debian/control and remove
"XS-Vcs-(Svn|Git|Browser)" fields.

-H Add "Homepage" field to debian/control and remove "Homepage" pseudo-field.

-M Check the "Maintainer" field of debian/control and make sure it is "Debian Perl Group
<[email protected]>".

-D debian/control: add "${misc:Depends}" to "Depends".

-d debian/copyright: Substitute "Format-Specification" URL for DEP-5 revisions to
anonscm.debian.org URL.

-P debian/control: substitute occurrences of dependencies like "perl (>= 5.6.0-{12,16})"
with dependencies on "perl" without a version.

-O debian/control: replace "perl-modules" with "perl"

-W debian/watch: change CPAN URLs to <https://metacpan.org/release/Mod-Ule> and update to
ignore developer releases

-C If -W is given, create debian/watch if it does not exist

-R debian/rules: rmdir /usr/\{lib,share\}/perl5 only if they exist; switch "dh --with foo
\$@" to "dh \$@ --with foo"

-Q add debian/README.source pointing to quilt(1)'s README.source if the package uses


Copyright 2011-2013, Salvatore Bonaccorso [email protected]
Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 gregor herrmann [email protected]
Copyright 2007, 2008 Damyan Ivanov [email protected]
Copyright 2007 David Paleino [email protected]

Released under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2

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