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ecryptfs-recover-private - find and mount any encrypted private directories


ecryptfs-recover-private [--rw] [encrypted private dir]


This utility is intended to help eCryptfs recover data from their encrypted home or
encrypted private partitions. It is useful to run this from a LiveISO or a recovery
image. It must run under sudo(8) or with root permission, in order to search the
filesystem and perform the mounts.

The program can take a target encrypted directory on the command line. If unspecified,
the utility will search the entire system looking for encrypted private directories, as
configured by ecryptfs-setup-private(1).

If an encrypted directory and a wrapped-passphrase file are found, the user is prompted
for the login (wrapping) passphrase, the keys are inserted into the keyring, and the data
is decrypted and mounted.

If no wrapped-passphrase file is found, the user will be prompted for their mount
passphrase. This passphrase is typically 32 characters of [0-9a-f]. All users are
prompted to urgently record this randomly generated passphrase when they first setup their
encrypted private directory.

The destination mount of the decrypted data is a temporary directory, in the form of

By default, the mount will be read-only. To mount with read and write permission, add the
--rw parameter.

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