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euca-run-instances - Launch instances of a machine image


euca-run-instances [-n MIN[-MAX]] [-g GROUP] [-k KEYPAIR] [-d DATA | --user-data-force
DATA | -f FILE] [--addressing {public,private}] [-t INSTANCETYPE] [-z ZONE] [--kernel
KERNEL] [--ramdisk RAMDISK] [-b DEVICE=MAPPED] [-m] [--disable-api-termination]
[--instance-initiated-shutdown-behavior {stop,terminate}] [--placement-group PLGROUP]
[--tenancy {default,dedicated}] [--client-token TOKEN] [-s SUBNET] [--private-ip-address
ADDRESS] [--secondary-private-ip-address ADDRESS | --secondary-private-ip-address-count
COUNT] [-a INTERFACE] [-p IPROFILE] [--ebs-optimized] [--show-empty-fields] [--region
USER@REGION | -U URL] [-I KEY_ID] [-S KEY] [--debug] [--debugger] [--version] [-h] IMAGE


Launch instances of a machine image

positional arguments:
IMAGE ID of the image to instantiate (required)

optional arguments:
-n MIN[-MAX], --instance-count MIN[-MAX]
number of instances to launch. If this number of instances cannot be launched, no
instances will launch. If specified as a range (min-max), the server will attempt
to launch the maximum number, but no fewer than the minimum number.

-g GROUP, --group GROUP
security group(s) in which to launch the instances

name of the key pair to use

-d DATA, --user-data DATA
user data to make available to instances in this reservation

--user-data-force DATA
same as -d/--user-data, but without checking if a file by that name exists first

-f FILE, --user-data-file FILE
file containing user data to make available to the instances in this reservation

--addressing {public,private}
[Eucalyptus only] addressing scheme to launch the instance with. Use "private" to
run an instance with no public address.

type of instance to launch

-z ZONE, --availability-zone ZONE

--kernel KERNEL
ID of the kernel to launch the instance(s) with

--ramdisk RAMDISK
ID of the ramdisk to launch the instance(s) with

-b DEVICE=MAPPED, --block-device-mapping DEVICE=MAPPED
define a block device mapping for the instances, in the form DEVICE=MAPPED, where
"MAPPED" is "none", "ephemeral(0-3)", or

-m, --monitor
enable detailed monitoring for the instance(s)

prevent API users from terminating the instance(s)

--instance-initiated-shutdown-behavior {stop,terminate}
whether to "stop" (default) or terminate EBS instances when they shut down

--placement-group PLGROUP
name of a placement group to launch into

--tenancy {default,dedicated}
[VPC only] "dedicated" to run on single-tenant hardware

--client-token TOKEN
unique identifier to ensure request idempotency

-s SUBNET, --subnet SUBNET
[VPC only] subnet to create the instance's network interface in

--private-ip-address ADDRESS
[VPC only] assign a specific primary private IP address to an instance's interface

--secondary-private-ip-address ADDRESS
[VPC only] assign a specific secondary private IP address to an instance's network
interface. Use this option multiple times to add additional addresses.

--secondary-private-ip-address-count COUNT
[VPC only] automatically assign a specific number of secondary private IP addresses
to an instance's network interface

-a INTERFACE, --network-interface INTERFACE
[VPC only] add a network interface to the new instance. If the interface already
exists, supply its ID and a numeric index for it, separated by ":", in the form
"eni-NNNNNNNN:INDEX". To create a new interface, supply a numeric index and subnet
ID for it, along with (in order) an optional description, a primary private IP
address, a list of security group IDs to associate with the interface, whether to
delete the interface upon instance termination ("true" or "false"), a number of
secondary private IP addresses to create automatically, and a list of secondary
private IP addresses to assign to the interface, separated by ":", in the form
|false]:[SEC_IP_COUNT|:SEC_IP1,SEC_IP2,...]". You cannot specify both of the latter
two. This option may be used multiple times. Each adds another network interface.

-p IPROFILE, --iam-profile IPROFILE
name or ARN of the IAM instance profile to associate with the new instance(s)

optimize the new instance(s) for EBS I/O

show empty values as "(nil)"

--region USER@REGION
name of the region and/or user in config files to use to connect to the service

-U URL, --url URL
compute service endpoint URL

-I KEY_ID, --access-key-id KEY_ID

-S KEY, --secret-key KEY

show debugging output

launch interactive debugger on error

show the program's version and exit

-h, --help
show this help message and exit

Use euca-run-instances online using onworks.net services

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