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faucc - C compiler generating Intel code for 16 bit/32 bit CPUs.


faucc [ -B path ] [ -D MACRO [=def]] [ -E ] [ -I path ] [ -L path ] [ -MD ] [-MF file ]
[ -MP ] [ -MT target ] [ -O level ] [ -S ] [ -T script ] [ -U macro ] [ -Wl,arg ]
[ -Xlinker arg ] [ -b arch ] [ -c ] [ -f arg ] [ -m arch ] [ -nostdlib ]
[ -o output ] [ -print-lib-faucc-file-name ] [ --freestanding ]
[ --no-stack-protector ] { file ...}


faucc is a C compiler, that can generate Intel 16 bit or 32 bit Code.


faucc tries to mimic the options of gcc. A number of options will be passed to the C
preprocessor cpp or to the linker (done via a call to the c-compiler gcc) in unmodified

-B path
Override the directory prefix where cc1 is looked up with path.

Define MACRO with the optional initial definition def. If def is omitted, it defaults
to 1.

Only perform preprocessing, but do not run the compiler.

-I path
Add path to the include path in which header files are searched.

-L path
Add path to the library search path, in which the linker will look for libraries.

Output dependency information while preprocessing.

-MF, file
Output dependency information while preprocessing to file.

When the preprocessor should output dependency information, it will generate PHONY
targets for each dependency.

-MT target
When the preprocessor should output dependency information, use target as the
dependency rule target.

-O level
Currently ignored.

Output assembly code.

-T script
Use script as linker script.

-U macro
Undefine a previously defined macro.

-Wl,arg, -Xlinker arg
Pass arg to the linker.

-b arch
Generate code for arch (either i286 or i386)

Perform compilation, but do not link.

-f arg
Pass code generation argument arg to the compiler. See the cc1 man page for possible

-m arch
Currently ignored.

With this option, the linker will only search for libraries that are passed as command
line arguments.

-o file
Write output to file.

Print the full path of the internal compiler library libfaucc.a.

Perform static linking.

--freestanding, --no-stack-protector
Currently ignored.


faucc -c hello-world.c -o hello-world.o
Compile the program hello-world.c and output the object as hello-wolrd.o.

faucc -S -b i286 -o test.s test.c
Compile the program test.c to 16 bit code and output the assembly listing to test.s,
but do not assemble or link the result yet.

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