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faxrunq - send fax jobs queued by faxspool(1)




Run the fax queue set up by faxspool(1), try to send all faxes, record result, remove job
and send notify mails.

faxrunq looks for all the jobs queued by faxspool(1) to /var/spool/fax/outgoing/*. For
each job in the queue, faxrunq tries to send it, using sendfax(8).

If the send succeeds, the job is removed from the queue, and a "success" mail is sent to
the originator of the spooled job.

If the send fails, it's logged, and faxrunq proceeds to the next job. If the job fails
five times "fatally", that is, not with a locked or engaged line, but with "NO CARRIER"
(no fax machine, or line noise), the job is suspended, and the requestor gets a mail,
telling him so.

faxrunq can be run from the command line (but make sure the user doing this has write
access to the modem device and to the fax queue, that is, usually this should be done by
"uucp" or "root"). In a production environment, it's more useful to start faxrunq from
cron(8) in regular intervals, like "run it every 5 minutes". See the cron(8) and/or
crontab(1) man pages for this (which man page exists depends on your system).


-q Tells faxrunq to be quiet, that is, suppress all status messages. Error messages
will still be printed.

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