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fedmsg-gateway - rebroadcast messages to a special fedmsg bus endpoint


fedmsg-gateway [--daemon] [<common fedmsg options>]

fedmsg-gateway [-h|--help]


fedmsg-gateway is a repeater that rebroadcasts all the messages it receives to a special,
"public" endpoint. This is used to get messages from inside Fedora Infrastructure out to
users. Its communication is unidirectional: it does not relay messages from "outside the
bus" back in.

The special zmq endpoint is specified by the presence of fedmsg.consumers.gateway.port in
the config.

This service is what makes consuming messages outside a VPN/firewalled bus environment


-h, --help
Print an help message and exit

Run in the background as a daemon.


--io-threads IO_THREADS
Number of io threads for 0mq to use

--topic-prefix TOPIC_PREFIX
Prefix for the topic of each message sent.

--post-init-sleep POST_INIT_SLEEP
Number of seconds to sleep after initializing.

--config-filename CONFIG_FILENAME
Config file to use.

Simply print out the configuration and exit. No action taken.

--timeout TIMEOUT
Timeout in seconds for any blocking zmq operations.

--high-water-mark HIGH_WATER_MARK
Limit on the number of messages in the queue before blocking.

--linger ZMQ_LINGER
Number of milliseconds to wait before timing out connections.


The Fedora Infrastructure team <[email protected]>
Wrote the fedmsg software.

Nicolas Dandrimont <[email protected]>
Wrote this manpage for the Debian system.


Copyright © 2014 Nicolas Dandrimont

This manual page was written for the Debian system (and may be used by others).

You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License,
or (at your option) any later version.

On Debian systems, a copy of the license can be found in the /usr/share/common-
licenses/LGPL-2.1 file.


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