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file2sdr - SDR data ingestion test program


file2sdr configFlags fileName


file2sdr stress-tests SDR data ingestion by repeatedly writing all text lines of the file
named fileName to one of a series of non-volatile linked lists created in a test SDR data
store named "testsdrconfigFlags". By incorporating the data store configuration into the
name (e.g., "testsdr14") we make it relatively easy to perform comparative testing on SDR
data stores that are identical aside from their configuration settings.

The operation of file2sdr is cyclical: a new linked list is created each time the program
finishes copying the file's text lines and starts over again. If you use ^C to terminate
file2sdr and then restart it, the program resumes operation at the point where it left

After writing each line to the current linked list, file2sdr gives a semaphore to indicate
that the list is now non-empty. This is mainly for the benefit of the complementary test
program sdr2file(1).

At the end of each cycle file2sdr appends a final EOF line to the current linked list,
containing the text "*** End of the file ***", and prints a brief performance report:

Processing I<lineCount> lines per second.


"0" file2sdr has terminated.

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