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front-end-cal - RF front-end center frequency and sampling rate calibration tool.


front-end-cal -config_file=<path-to-configuration-file> [OPTION]...


front-end-cal is a calibration tool for some DVB-T receivers based on the Taiwan's Realtek
RTL2832U chipset, sold in form of USB dongles that allow users to watch over-the-air DVB-T
European broadcast television on their personal computers, to be used as GNSS front-ends.

Normally, those devices send partially-decoded MPEG transport frames over the USB, but
exploiting an undocumented mode of operation of the demodulator chip, the user is able to
obtain raw I&Q samples, stream them through USB to a personal computer and then use
gnss-sdr, turning the DVB-T receiver into a GNSS receiver and delivering position in

The crystal oscillator that ships with the RTL2832U family devices exhibits limited
accuracy to be used as a GNSS receiver front-end without previous calibration.
front-end-cal implements the algorithm proposed in [1], and it requires Internet access
since it retrieves Assisted GPS data from SUPL servers.

front-end-cal is able to work with raw data files or, if there is computational power
enough, in real time with suitable radio frequency front-ends. The whole receiver is
defined in a single configuration file, and therefore users can define theirs.


front-end-cal takes the following options:

-config_file=<path-to-configuration-file> Set the configuration file.

-signal_source=<path-to-raw-signal-file> If defined, path to the file containing the
signal samples (overrides the data file specified in the configuration file).

-log_dir=<path-to-directory> If defined, overrides the default directory where logs are

-version Print program version and exit.

-help Print all the available commandline flags and exit.

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