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fs_listquota - Displays quota information for a volume


fs listquota [-path <dir/file path>+] [-human] [-help]

fs listq [-p <dir/file path>+] [-hu] [-he]

fs lq [-p <dir/file path>+] [-hu] [-he]


The fs listquota command displays information about the volume containing each specified
directory or file (its name, quota, and amount of disk space used), along with an
indicator of the percentage of space used on the host partition.

To display more information about the host partition, use the fs examine command.

To set volume quota, use the fs setquota or fs setvol command.


Currently, the maximum quota for a volume is 2 terabytes (2^41 bytes). Note that this only
affects the volume's quota; a volume may grow much larger if the volume quota is disabled.
However, volumes over 2 terabytes in size may be impractical to move, and may have their
size incorrectly reported by some tools, such as fs_listquota(1).


-path <dir/file path>+
Names a file or directory that resides in the volume about which to produce output.
Partial pathnames are interpreted relative to the current working directory, which is
also the default value if this argument is omitted.

Print space in a "human-readable" format. Instead of always printing space in
kilobytes, show disk space in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, or
petabytes, as appropriate.

Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


The output displays information about the volume that houses each specified directory or
file, in a tabular format that uses the following headers:

Volume Name
The name of the volume.

The volume's quota in kilobytes, or the string "no limit" to indicate an unlimited

The amount of space used. If -human is not specified, this value is in kilobytes.

% Used
The percentage of the volume's quota that is used (the "Used" statistic divided by the
"Quota" statistic, times 100).

The percentage of space used on the partition that houses the volume. Although not
directly related to how much of the user's quota is used, it is reported because a
full partition can cause writing of data back to the volume to fail even when the
volume has not reached its quota.

Note that due to limitations in the current wire protocol, OpenAFS cannot accurately
calculate this field for partitions over 2 terabytes (2^41 bytes) in size. As a
result, the percentage displayed in this field may be smaller than reality. For
example, if the partition has over 2 terabytes (2^41 bytes) free, fs listquota will
report the partition usage as 0%. If the partition has less than 2 terabytes (2^41
bytes) free, but is larger than 2 terabytes (2^41 bytes) in size, the reported
partition usage will be larger than 0%, but will still be less than the actual usage.


The following example shows the output for the volume "user.smith":

% fs listquota -path /afs/abc.com/usr/smith
Volume Name Quota Used % Used Partition
user.smith 15000 5071 34% 86%


The issuer must have the "r" (read) permission on the ACL of the root directory of the
volume that houses the file or directory named by the -path argument, and "l" (list)
permission on the ACL of each directory that precedes it in the pathname.

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