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This is the command fsck.s3ql that can be run in the OnWorks free hosting provider using one of our multiple free online workstations such as Ubuntu Online, Fedora Online, Windows online emulator or MAC OS online emulator



fsck.s3ql - Check an S3QL file system for errors


fsck.s3ql [options] <storage url>


S3QL is a file system for online data storage. Before using S3QL, make sure to consult the
full documentation (rather than just the man pages which only briefly document the
available userspace commands).

The fsck.s3ql command checks the file system in the location specified by storage url for
errors and attempts to repair any problems. The storage url depends on the backend that is
used. The S3QL User's Guide should be consulted for a description of the available


The fsck.s3ql command accepts the following options.

--log <target>
Destination for log messages. Specify none for standard output or syslog for the
system logging daemon. Anything else will be interpreted as a file name. Log
files will be rotated when they reach 1 MiB, and at most 5 old log files will be
kept. Default: ~/.s3ql/fsck.log

--cachedir <path>
Store cached data in this directory (default: ~/.s3ql)

--authfile <path>
Read authentication credentials from this file (default: ~/.s3ql/authinfo2)

--debug-modules <modules>
Activate debugging output from specified modules (use commas to separate
multiple modules). Debug messages will be written to the target specified by the
--log option.

Activate debugging output from all S3QL modules. Debug messages will be written
to the target specified by the --log option.

be really quiet

--backend-options <options>
Backend specific options (separate by commas). See backend documentation for
available options.

just print program version and exit

If user input is required, exit without prompting.

Force checking even if file system is marked clean.


If fsck.s3ql found any errors, the exit code will be 128 plus one of the codes listed
below. If no errors were found, the following exit codes are used:

0 Everything went well.

1 An unexpected error occured. This may indicate a bug in the program.

2 Invalid command line argument.

3 Invalid backend option.

10 Could not open log file for writing.

11 No such backend.

12 Authentication file has insecure permissions.

13 Unable to parse proxy settings.

14 Invalid credentials (Authentication failed).

15 No permission to access backend (Authorization denied).

16 Invalid storage URL, specified location does not exist in backend.

17 Wrong file system passphrase.

18 No S3QL file system found at given storage URL.

19 Unable to connect to backend, can't resolve hostname.

32 Unsupported file system revision (too old).

33 Unsupported file system revision (too new).

40 Cannot check mounted file system.

41 User input required, but running in batch mode.

42 File system check aborted by user.

43 Local metadata is corrupted.

44 Uncorrectable errors found.

45 Unable to access cache directory.

128 This error code will be added to one of the codes above if errors have been found.

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