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fslint-gui - A GUI wrapper for the individual fslint command line tools


fslint-gui [OPTIONS] [PATHS]


fslint is a toolset to find various problems with filesystems, including duplicate files
and problematic filenames etc.

Individual command line tools are available in addition to the GUI and to access them, one
can change to, or add to $PATH the /usr/share/fslint/fslint directory on a standard
install. Each of these commands in that directory have a --help option which further
details its parameters.

findup - find DUPlicate files

findnl - find Name Lint (problems with filenames)

findu8 - find filenames with invalid utf8 encoding

findbl - find Bad Links (various problems with symlinks)

findsn - find Same Name (problems with clashing names)

finded - find Empty Directories

findid - find files with dead user IDs

findns - find Non Stripped executables

findrs - find Redundant Whitespace in files

findtf - find Temporary Files

findul - find possibly Unused Libraries

zipdir - Reclaim wasted space in ext2 directory entries


If [PATHS] are specified, they become the default search path, otherwise the current
directory becomes the default.

-f always print full paths even if only a single path is specified

-r turn OFF recursion

Display the fslint version and exit

--help Display help for tool specific options

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