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funindex - create an index for a column of a FITS binary table


funindex <switches> <iname> <key> [oname]


NB: these options are not compatible with Funtools processing. Please
use the defaults instead.
-c # compress output using gzip"
-a # ASCII output, ignore -c (default: FITS table)"
-f # FITS table output (default: FITS table)"
-l # long output, i.e. with key value(s) (default: long)"
-s # short output, i.e. no key value(s) (default: long)"


The funindex script creates an index for the specified column (key) by running funtable -s
(sort) and then saving the column value and the record number for each sorted row. This
index will be used automatically
by funtools filtering of that column, provided the index file's modification date is
later than that of the data file.

The first required argument is the name of the FITS binary table to index. Please note
that text files cannot be indexed at this time. The second required argument is the
column (key) name to index. While multiple keys can be specified in principle, the
funtools index processing assume a single key and will not recognize files containing
multiple keys.

By default, the output index file name is [root]_[key].idx, where [root] is the root of
the input file. Funtools looks for this specific file name when deciding whether to use an
index for faster filtering. Therefore, the optional third argument (output file name)
should not be used for funtools processing.

For example, to create an index on column Y for a given FITS file, use:

funindex foo.fits Y

This will generate an index named foo_y.idx, which will be used by funtools for filters
involving the Y column.

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