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FvwmConsoleC.pl - Command editor for fvwm command input interface


FvwmConsole -e /usr/X11/lib/fvwm/FvwmConsoleC.pl


Copyright 1996, Toshi Isogai. No guarantees or warranties are provided. Use this program
at your own risk. Permission to use this program for any purpose is given, as long as the
copyright is kept intact.


FvwmConsoleC.pl offers editing capabilities while the user is entering the line. By
default, the line editing commands are similar to those of emacs. It also offers
substitution , which replaces a pattern to a string before it sends the command.


Functions are bound to a key or key combination to be invoked. The followings are
functions available and their default key bindings.

bind Meta-k, Ctrl-x Ctrl-b
List up key bindings and substitutions.

Move to the beginning of history.

boh_ign_mode Esc-<
Move to the beginning of history. If it is in search mode, continue.

bol Home, Ctrl-a
Move cursor to the beginning of the line.

bs[(n)] BackSpace, Ctrl-h
Backspace n times. default of n is 1.

cancel Ctrl-x Ctrl-k
Cancel the current input.

Delete the line from the beginning to the cursor.

del_back_word Ctrl-w
Delete the word from the beginning to the cursor.

del_char [(n)] Delete, Ctrl-d
Delete n characters from the cursor to the right. Default of n is 1.

del_forw_line Ctrl-k
Delete the line from the cursor to the end.

del_forw_word Meta-d
Delete the word from the cursor to the end.

del_line Ctrl-u
Delete the entire line.

enter Enter, Ctrl-j, Ctrl-m
Perform substitution if applicable and send the line to fvwm.

enter_wo_subst Meta-Enter
Send the line to fvwm without any substitution.

Move to the end of history.

eoh_ign_mode Esc->
Move to the end of history. If it is in search mode, continue.

eol End, Ctrl-e
Move the cursor to the end of line.

ins_char (str)
Insert string at the cursor.

ins_last_word Esc-.
Insert the last argument of the previous command at the cursor.

ins_nth_word Meta-[1..9]
Insert the n-th argument of the previous command at the cursor.

list_func Meta-l
List up available editing functions.

next_char Right, Ctrl-f
Move the cursor to the next character.

next_line Down, Ctrl-n
Move to the next line in history.

next_word Meta-f
Move the cursor to the next word.

Wait for the next character typed in for multi-key binding.

prev_char Left, Ctrl-b
Move the cursor to the previous character.

prev_line Up, Ctrl-p
Move to the previous line in history.

prev_word Meta-b
Move the cursor to the previous word.

quote Ctrl-q
Insert the next character typed into the buffer literally.

search Ctrl-s
Search pattern in history.

search_rev Ctrl-r
Search pattern in history in reverse order.

subst Meta-s
Substitute all patterns to strings and reprint the line. The substitutions
are not nested and performed in the order that they are defined.


The key binding can be overridden or defined in fvwm module configuration.

*FvwmConsole: Key \ck prev_line

Non-space character sequence need not be quoted. In order to undefine, omit the last

*FvwmConsole: Key \ck

Note that non-meta character is case sensitive. \c means control key, \e means escape,
and \m is alt key.
It also accepts Subst configuration. Users often input long fvwm command repeatedly. Subst
will replace particular input sequence to user defined string. Example:

*FvwmConsole: Subst '^bigx' 'Exec xterm -g 120x60+0+0 -fn 10x20 -fg black -bg

Typing 'bigx<return>' in FvwmConsole will launch xterm. '^' denotes the beginning of line
in regular expression. ´pl´ in the middle of the command will not be replaced. Although
the format looks different, it takes Perl regular expression. It just uses single or
double quote as the delimiter. Single or double quotes have no difference, although they
have to match, and cannot include itself in the string.

*FvwmConsole: Subst '^g\s*(\d+)' 'Desk 0 0\nGotoPage 0 $1\nFocus'

Entering 'g4' or 'g 4' will jump to desk 0 page 0 4 and focus.


FvwmConsoleC.pl should be invoked by FvwmConsole.

Use FvwmConsoleC.pl online using onworks.net services

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