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FvwmPager - the FVWM Pager module


FvwmPager is spawned by fvwm, so no command line invocation will work. From within the
.fvwmrc file, FvwmPager is spawned as follows:

Module FvwmPager 0 3

or from within an fvwm pop-up menu:

Popup "Module-Popup"
Title "Modules"
Module "GoodStuff" GoodStuff
Module "NoClutter" FvwmClean
Module "FvwmIdentify" FvwmIdent
Module "Banner" FvwmBanner
Module "Debug" FvwmDebug
Module "SaveDesktop" FvwmSave
Module "Pager" FvwmPager 0 3

where "0" is the first desktop to show, and "3" is the last.


The FvwmPager module shows a miniature view of the Fvwm desktops which are specified in
the command line. This is a useful reminder of where your active windows are. Windows in
the pager are shown in the same color as their fvwm decorations.

The pager can be used to change your viewport into the current desktop, to change
desktops, or to move windows around.

Pressing mouse button 1 in the pager will cause you viewport to change to the selected
page of the selected desk. If you click with button 1 in the desk-label area, you will
switch desks but not pages within the desk.

Dragging mouse button 2 on a miniature view of a window will cause that window to be move
to the location where you release the mouse button, but your viewport will not change. If
you drag the window out of the pager and onto your desktop, a full size image of the
window will appear for you to place. There is no way to pick up a full size image of the
window and move it into the pager, however. Since some mice do not have button 2, I have
made provisions to drag windows in the pager by using pressing modifier-1 (usually Alt)
and dragging with button 3.

Clicking mouse button 3 on a location within the current desktop will cause the viewport
to move to the selected location, but will not align the viewport to a page boundary.
Dragging button 3 will cause the viewport to move as you drag. Button 3 operations are
limited to the current desktop only.

When iconified, the pager will work as a fully functional current page only pager. Windows
and viewports can be moved within the icon of the pager. Users will want to make sure that
they have no lines similar to

Icon "Fvwm Pager" whatever

in their .fvwmrc files.


The FvwmClean program, and the concept for interfacing this module to the Window Manager,
are all original work by Robert Nation.

Copyright 1994, Robert Nation. No guarantees or warranties or anything are provided or
implied in any way whatsoever. Use this program at your own risk. Permission to use this
program for any purpose is given, as long as the copyright is kept intact.


During initialization, FvwmPager will eventually search a configuration file which
describes the time-outs and actions to take. The configuration file is the same file that
fvwm used during initialization.

If the FvwmPager executable is linked to another name, ie ln -s FvwmPager OtherPager, then
another module called OtherPager can be started, with a completely different configuration
than FvwmPager, simply by changing the keyword FvwmPager to OtherPager. This way multiple
pager programs can be used.


You can direct the keyboard focus to any window on the current desktop by clicking with
button 2 on its image in the pager. The window does not need to be visible, but it does
need to be on the current page.


The invocation method was shown in the synopsis section


FvwmPager reads the same .fvwmrc file as fvwm reads when it starts up, and looks for
certain configuration options:

*FvwmPagerGeometry geometry
Completely or partially specifies the pager windows location and geometry, in
standard X11 notation. In order to maintain an undistorted aspect ratio, you might
want to leave out either the width or height dimension of the geometry

*FvwmPagerRows rows
Tells fvwm how many rows of desks to use when laying out the pager window.

*FvwmPagerColumns columns
Tells fvwm how many columnss of desks to use when laying out the pager window.

*FvwmPagerIconGeometry geometry
Specifies a size (optional) and location (optional) for the pager's icon window.
Since there is no easy way for FvwmPager to determine the height of the icon's
label, you will have to make an allowance for the icon label height when using
negative y-coordinates in the icon location specification (used to specify a
location relative to the bottom instead of the top of the screen).

Causes the pager to start iconified.

*FvwmPagerFont font-name
Specified a font to use to label the desktops. If font_name is "none" then no
desktop labels will be displayed.

*FvwmPagerSmallFont font-name
Specified a font to use to label the window names in the pager. If not specified,
the window labels will be omitted. Window labels seem to be fairly useless for
desktop scales of 32 or greater.

*FvwmPagerFore color
Specifies the color to use to write the desktop labels, and to draw the page-grid

*FvwmPagerBack color
Specifies the background color for the window.

*FvwmPagerHilight color
The active page and desk label will be highlighted by using this background pattern
instead of the normal background.

*FvwmPagerLabel desk label
Assigns the text label to desk desk in the pager window. Useful for assigning
symbolic names to desktops, ie

*FvwmPagerLabel 1 Mail
*FvwmPagerLabel 2 Maker
*FvwmPagerLabel 2 Matlab

DeskTopScale number
If the geometry is not specified, then a desktop reduction factor is used to
calculate the pager's size. Things in the pager window are shown at 1/number of the
actual size.

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