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gbquant - Print quantiles of data distribution


gbquant [options]


Print distribution quantiles. Data are read from standard input. If no -x or -q options
are provided, a quantiles table is plotted. The number of quantiles can be chosen with -n.
The option -x #1 prints the quantile associated with the value #1, while -q #2 print the
value associate with the quantile #2. Of course #2 must be between 0 and 1. Multiple
values can be provided to -x or -q, separated with commas. With -w #1,#2 all the
observations inside the quantile range [#1,#2) are printed. If more columns are provided
with option -t, the specified action is repeated on each column. Without -t, columns are
pooled unless -w is specified, in which case all rows whose first element is inside the
range are printed. A different column for sorting can be specified with option -W. If 0
is specified, the cut is applied with respect to all columns


-n number of quantiles to print (default 10)

-x print the quantile (interpolated) associated with the value

-q print the value (interpolated) associated with the quantile

-e print the (asymptotic) error for -x or -q; doesn't work with -t

-w print observations inside a quantile windows

-W set the column to use (default 1)

-t consider separately each column of input

-F specify the input fields separators (default " \t")

-h this help

-v verbose mode

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