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gda-sql - an SQL console based on Libgda


gda-sql [--help] [-v] [--version] [-o] [--output-file <filename>] [-C] [--command] [-f]
[--commands-file <filename>] [-i] [--interactive] [-l] [--list-dsn] [-L]
[--list-providers] [-s] [--http-port <port>] [-t] [--http-token <token phrase>]
[--data-files-list] [--data-files-purge <criteria>] [connection's spec] [connection's


gda-sql is an SQL console based on the Libgda library.

It enables you to type in queries interactively, issue them to be executed by a
connection, and see the query results.

Several connections can be opened at the same time, allowing you to switch the active
connection to any opened connection. When starting, gda-sql opens a connection for each
connection specified on the command line (plus optionally one corresponding to the
GDA_SQL_CNC environment variable). The prompt indicates the current connection used when
executing commands. See the .c internal command for an explanation about the syntax to
specify a connection on the command line.

Alternatively, input can be from a file. In addition, it provides a number of meta-
commands and various shell-like features to facilitate writing scripts and automating a
wide variety of tasks.

It is also possible to run the tool as a script using the classic '#!' string at the start
of a script file, with the limitation that behaviour of arguments passed on the line after
the '#!' command is undefined. Example:


#!/usr/bin/env gda-sql


gda-sql accepts the following options:

--help Show command-line options.

-o, --output-file <filename>
Specifies a file to which outputs are redirected.

-C, --command
Run only single command (SQL or internal) and exit.

-f, --commands-file <filename>
Execute commands from <filename>, then exit (except if -i specified).

-i, --interactive
Keep the console opened after executing a file (used with the -f option).

-l, --list-dsn
List configured data sources and exit.

-L, --list-providers
List installed database providers and exit

-s, --http-port <port>
Starts the embedded HTTP server on port <port>

-t, --http-token <token phrase>
Requires HTTP clients to authenticate by providing the <token phrase> (empty
phrase by default)

Lists all the files used to hold information related to each connection (ie.
information gathered by the tool about the connection such as meta data, defined

--data-files-purge <criteria>
Removes file used to hold information related to each connection for the criteria
passed as argument (note that adding "list-only" to the criteria, either before or
after it using a comma, will not actually remove the file):

"non-dsn": remove all the files which do not correspond to a DSN (data source
name). These are the files created when a connection is specified using connection
parameters instead of using a DSN

"non-exist-dsn": same as "non-dsn" except it also removes the files which were for
DSN which don't exist anymore

"all": remove all the files, for a complete cleanup

For example: --data-files-purge all,list-only lists all the files (which would be
removed if the command was --data-files-purge all).


gda-sql can be configured through some environment variables:

to define a connection to systematically be opened when the program starts.

PAGER to define a text pager program to use (by default determined by the system).

to specify that no text pager should be used.

to define a text editor to be used (variables are examined in this order).

to define a PNG viewer.

to define a PDF viewer.

to define the history file name to use (by default .gdasql_history), set to
NO_HISTORY to disable history logging.

if set, the first column of the output will contain row numbers

if set, also dump the data model's columns' types and value's attributes

if set, also dump the data model's title

if set, replace the 'NULL' string with an empty string for NULL values

if set to a numeric value, truncates the output to the width specified by the
value. If the value is -1 then the actual terminal size (if it can be determined)
is used

gda-sql can be compiled with support for binary relocatibility.
This will cause data, plug-ins and configuration files to be searched relative to the
location of the gda-sql executable file.

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