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gdlpp - GDL (Graphite Description Language) preprocessor


gdlpp [options] [infile [outfile] ]


-B No machine specific built-in symbols

-b Output any parentheses, brace or bracket unbalance

-C Write source file comments to output

-D Define a symbol with the given (optional) value "symbol[=value]"

-d Display all specified options

-E Ignore non-fatal errors

-F Output all included file names on stderr

-f Output all defined functions' names on stderr

-H Output all whitespaces from the source file

-h Output this help text

-I Add directory to the #include search list

-J Allow nested comments

-j Enable warnings for nested comments

-LL Don't output #line instructions

-L Don't output the 'line' keyword in "#line" instructions

-M Don't warn for missing include files

-N Don't predefine target-specific names

-n Toggle prefs usage

-P Don't recognize C++ comment style

-p Enable warnings on non ANSI preprocessor instructions

-Q Ignore but visualize undefined flags

-q Ignore all undefined flags

-R Evaluate the right part first in symbol concatenations

-s Include the following string at the top of each function

-S Specify sizes for #if sizeof

-t This function should not get an initial function

-U Undefine symbol

-V Output version information

-W Output all #defines

-WWW Web mode preprocessing

-w Only output #defines

-X Include file

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