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gem2deb - converts Rubygems' .gem file into Debian package


gem2deb [OPTIONS] GEMNAME (to download the gem with gem fetch)

gem2deb [OPTIONS] GEMFILE (to use a local .gem file)


gem2deb converts the gem into a Debian source package, and then will attempt to build it.
The process is made of several steps.

First, gem2deb converts the gem file to a tar.gz archive containing a metadata.yml file
with the Gem specification. This is equivalent to what gem2tgz does.

Then, gem2deb unpacks the tar.gz archive and prepares a Debian source package, guess many
of the defaults from the files included in the archive, or the Gem specification. This is
equivalent to what dh-make-ruby does. gem2deb cannot determine all parameters for obvious
reasons. It is recommended to search for the "FIXME" string in the debian/ directory. The
generated Debian source package uses dh_ruby to build the package.

Finally, gem2deb tries to build the source and binary packages using dpkg-buildpackage.


-t, --only-tarball
Stop after creating the tar.gz archive.

-s, --only-source-dir
Stop after preparing the Debian source package directory (do not attempt to build the

-S, --only-debian-source
Only build a Debian source package (do not build binary packages).

-p PACKAGE, --package PACKAGE
Specify package name (default: ruby-*). Passed to dh-make-ruby. See dh-make-ruby(1).

--ruby-versions VERSIONS
Ruby versions to build the package for (default: all). Passed to dh-make-ruby. See

Prevents dh-make-ruby to check wnpp reports to get the number of a possible ITP
(intend to package) bug report. By default, dh-make-ruby does check these reports,
which requires an Internet access.

-h, --help
Displays gem2deb usage information.

-v, --version
Displays gem2deb version information.


A gem named mygem-0.1.0.gem is converted in a tarball with (approximately) the following

mkdir mygem-0.1.0
cd mygem-0.1.0
tar xfm /absolute/path/to/mygem-0.1.0.gem
tar xzfm data.tar.gz
zcat metadata.gz > metadata.yml
rm -f data.tar.gz metadata.gz
cd ..
tar czf mygem-0.1.0.tar.gz mygem-0.1.0
rm -rf mygem-0.1.0

The generated tarball has the following properties:

It contains all the files the gem contains.

It contains the gem metadata in a file named ``metadata.yml`` inside the mygem-0.1.0

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