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git-annex-shell - Restricted login shell for git-annex only SSH access


git-annex-shell [-c] command [params ...]


git-annex-shell is a restricted shell, similar to git-shell, which can be used as a login
shell for SSH accounts.

Since its syntax is identical to git-shell's, it can be used as a drop-in replacement
anywhere git-shell is used. For example it can be used as a user's restricted login shell.


Any command not listed below is passed through to git-shell.

Note that the directory parameter should be an absolute path, otherwise it is assumed to
be relative to the user's home directory. Also the first "/~/" or "/~user/" is expanded to
the specified home directory.

configlist directory
This outputs a subset of the git configuration, in the same form as git config
--list. This is used to get the annex.uuid of the remote repository.

When run in a repository that does not yet have an annex.uuid, one will be created,
as long as a git-annex branch has already been pushed to the repository, or if the
autoinit= flag is used to indicate initialization is desired.

inannex directory [key ...]
This checks if all specified keys are present in the annex, and exits zero if so.

Exits 1 if the key is certainly not present in the annex. Exits 100 if it's unable
to tell (perhaps the key is in the process of being removed from the annex).

lockcontent directory key
This locks a key's content in place in the annex, preventing it from being dropped.

Once the content is successfully locked, outputs "OK". Then the content remains
locked until a newline is received from the caller or the connection is broken.

Exits nonzero if the content is not present, or could not be locked.

dropkey directory [key ...]
This drops the annexed data for the specified keys.

recvkey directory key
This runs rsync in server mode to receive the content of a key, and stores the
content in the annex.

sendkey directory key
This runs rsync in server mode to transfer out the content of a key.

transferinfo directory key
This is typically run at the same time as sendkey is sending a key to the remote.
Using it is optional, but is used to update progress information for the transfer
of the key.

It reads lines from standard input, each giving the number of bytes that have been
received so far.

commit directory
This commits any staged changes to the git-annex branch. It also runs the
annex-content hook.

notifychanges directory
This is used by git-annex remotedaemon to be notified when refs in the remote
repository are changed.

gcryptsetup directory gcryptid
Sets up a repository as a gcrypt repository.


Most options are the same as in git-annex. The ones specific to git-annex-shell are:

git-annex uses this to specify the UUID of the repository it was expecting git-
annex-shell to access, as a sanity check.

-- fields=val fields=val.. --
Additional fields may be specified this way, to retain compatibility with past
versions of git-annex-shell (that ignore these, but would choke on new dashed

Currently used fields include remoteuuid=, associatedfile=, direct=, and autoinit=


After content is received or dropped from the repository by git-annex-shell, it runs a
hook, .git/hooks/annex-content (or hooks/annex-content on a bare repository). The hook is
not currently passed any information about what changed.



If set, disallows any command that could modify the repository.

Note that this does not prevent passing commands on to git-shell. For that, you
also need ...

If set, disallows running git-shell to handle unknown commands.

If set, git-annex-shell will refuse to run commands that do not operate on the
specified directory.

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