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git-debdry-build - simple wrapper around debdry and git-buildpackage


A simple wrapper around git-buildpackage and debdry.


$ git debdry-build [OPTIONS]


git-debdry-build does not take any options itself, and all options passed to it on the
command line are passed unchanged to git-buildpackage.

Mode of operation

git-debdry-build will create a temporary branch off the current HEAD, run debdry on it,
commit the debian/ directory to that branch, and build the package using

If the build succeeds, you will find the build artifacts in the parent directory as usual,
and the temporary branch will be deleted. If you want to save the state of tree used for
the build (for example when doing the final build before uploading to the Debian archive),
you can just pass the --git-tag option to git-buildpackage and that very tree will be
tagged for you.

If the build fails, git-debdry-build will not remove the temporary branch and will tell
you its name so that you can inspect its contents if necessary.

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