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git-name-rev - Find symbolic names for given revs


git name-rev [--tags] [--refs=<pattern>]
( --all | --stdin | <commit-ish>... )


Finds symbolic names suitable for human digestion for revisions given in any format
parsable by git rev-parse.


Do not use branch names, but only tags to name the commits

Only use refs whose names match a given shell pattern. The pattern can be one of
branch name, tag name or fully qualified ref name.

List all commits reachable from all refs

Transform stdin by substituting all the 40-character SHA-1 hexes (say $hex) with "$hex
($rev_name)". When used with --name-only, substitute with "$rev_name", omitting $hex
altogether. Intended for the scripter’s use.

Instead of printing both the SHA-1 and the name, print only the name. If given with
--tags the usual tag prefix of "tags/" is also omitted from the name, matching the
output of git-describe more closely.

Die with error code != 0 when a reference is undefined, instead of printing undefined.

Show uniquely abbreviated commit object as fallback.


Given a commit, find out where it is relative to the local refs. Say somebody wrote you
about that fantastic commit 33db5f4d9027a10e477ccf054b2c1ab94f74c85a. Of course, you look
into the commit, but that only tells you what happened, but not the context.

Enter git name-rev:

% git name-rev 33db5f4d9027a10e477ccf054b2c1ab94f74c85a
33db5f4d9027a10e477ccf054b2c1ab94f74c85a tags/v0.99~940

Now you are wiser, because you know that it happened 940 revisions before v0.99.

Another nice thing you can do is:

% git log | git name-rev --stdin


Part of the git(1) suite

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