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GP2C - The GP to C compiler


gp2c [-ghfltvydWSTGV] [-i N] [-o <file>] [-p <prefix>] [file.gp]

gp2c is a program that translate GP code to C code that use the libpari library. It tries
to generate code looking like the PARI source code.

user option:
-o <file> : Place output in file <file>.

-g : Generate automatic garbage collection code.

-iN: Set indentation level to N spaces (default 2).

-W : Output warning about types and global variables usage.

-C : Generate range checking code.

-L : Generate #line directive for better C compiler messages.

-p <prefix>: Prefix user-defined symbol by <prefix> to avoid conflict.

-s <suffix>: Add suffix <suffix> to GP install names of functions.

-S: Assume strict declarations for functions.

query options:
-h : This help.

-f : Dump information about functions to stderr.

-l : Output the list of functions known to the compiler.

-t : Output the table of types known to the compiler.

-v : Output version information and exit.

debugging options:
-d : Increase debugging level.

-y : Switch parser to debug mode.

-T : Output syntactic tree in treetool format.

-TT : Output syntactic tree in VCG/GRL format.

-G : Generate GP code in place of C code. Don't smile.

-V : Do not clean up variables.

file.gp: file to be processed, default to stdin. The generated C code is output to stdout
unless option -o is used.

See the script gp2c-run for an automated compilation process.


Copyright 2000-2015 The PARI Group

GP2C is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you are welcome to
change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain conditions. There is absolutely no
warranty for GP2C.

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