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gpasm - GNU PIC assembler


gpasm [options] file


The information in this man page is an extract from the full documentation of gputils and
is limited to the meaning of the options. For complete and current documentation, refer
to "gputils.ps" located in the gputils docs directory.


gpasm is an assembler for Microchip (TM) PIC (TM) micro-controllers. It's intended to be
compatible with the manufacturer's MPASM assembler. gpasm is part of gputils. Check the
gputils(1) manpage for details on other GNU PIC utilities.


Below is a summary of the gpasm options. gpasm options always supersede any settings in
the source code.

-a FMT, --hex-format FMT
GPASM supports inhx8m, inhx8s, inhx16, and inhx32 hex file formats. This option
controls which hex file format is used. The default is inhx32.

-c, --object
Output a relocatable object (new COFF format).

-C, --old-coff
Output a relocatable object (old COFF format).

-d, --debug
Output debug messages.

-D SYM=VAL, --define SYM=VAL
Define SYM with value VAL. This is equivalent to placing "#define SYM VAL" in the

-e [ON|OFF], --expand [ON|OFF]
Macro expansion in the listing file is controlled using the EXPAND and NOEXPAND
directives. This option can force either directive to be ignored. When "ON" is
selected the macros are always expanded regardless of the presence of NOEXPAND.
Likewise, "OFF" will force macros not to be expanded.

-g, --debug-info
Use debug directives for COFF.

-h, --help
Show the usage message and exit.

-i, --ignore-case
All user defined symbols and macros are case sensitive. This option makes them
case insensitive.

-I DIR, --include DIR
The top level assembly file is passed to gpasm as an argument. This file can
contain INCLUDE directives. These directives open the specified file and then its
contents are assembled. GPASM searches for these files in the local directory. If
the file is not located, the default header path is checked. Finally, all paths
specified using this argument are searched.

-l[12[ce]|14[ce]|16[ce]], --list-chips[=([12[ce]|14[ce]|16[ce]])]
List supported processors based on various aspects.

-L, --force-list
Ignore NOLIST directives. This forces gpasm to print every line assembled in the
list file output.

-m, --dump
Upon completion of the final pass of assembly, display the contents of instruction

This option sets the MPASM compatibility mode.

-M, --deps
Output a dependency file.

-n, --dos
By default, gpasm generates hex files using ISO format. However, some device
programmers required a DOS formatted file. This option will cause gpasm to
generate a DOS formatted hex file.

-o FILE, --output FILE
Alternate name of the output file.

-p PROC, --processor PROC
Select the processor.

-P FILE, --preprocess FILE
Write preprocessed asm file to FILE.

-q, --quiet
Suppress anything sent to standard output.

-r RADIX, --radix RADIX
The supported radices are BIN, DEC, OCT, and HEX. The default is HEX.

-u, --absolute
Use absolute paths.

-v, --version
Show the version information and exit.

-w [0|1|2], --warning [0|1|2]
This option sets the message level. "0" is the default. It will allow all
messages, warnings, and errors to be reported. "1" will suppress the messages.
"2" will suppress the messages and warnings.

-y, --extended
Enable 18xx extended mode.

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