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gpo - Text mode interface of gPodder


gpo [--verbose|-v] [COMMAND] [params...]


gpo is the text mode interface of gPodder. Run it without any arguments to start the
interactive shell (see below). Use "gpo help" to get a list of supported commands.

gpo can be used to manage podcasts from the command line without having to start gPodder.
It can also be used to automate tasks such as downloading or updating feeds.

The database and files are the same as used by gpodder(1).


If you run "gpo" without COMMAND it will enter its interactive shell mode. From there, you
can type commands directly. When readline is available, this shell supports completion
using <Tab>. Podcast feed URLs are also completed for commands that take the URL of a
podcast as argument.

Some commands (e.g. search and toplist) will provide a query in interactive shell mode (to
subscribe to podcasts). These queries will not be shown when started directly from the
command line.


For all commands, you can use only the first few characters instead of the full command,
as long as the command is unique. If not, gpo will show you all matching commands and the
shortest prefix of each.

Please note that future additions to the command set could change the shortest prefix of
any given command, so usage of the full command in scripts is recommended (e.g. use "gpo
update" and not "gpo up" in scripts and cronjobs). The short command prefixes are mostly
useful for interactive usage.


Enter interactive shell mode

gpo update && gpo download
Check for new episodes, then download all new episodes

gpo search linux outlaws
Search the directory for podcasts named "linux outlaws"

gpo youtube http://youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0
Print download URL of a YouTube video to stdout

Use gpo online using onworks.net services

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