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grace - command line interface
xmgrace - full-featured GUI mode
gracebat - batch mode - print and exit


Grace is a WYSIWYG tool to make two-dimensional plots of scientific data.


grace [ option | filename ]...
xmgrace [ option | filename ]...
gracebat [ option | filename ]...


-autoscale x|y|xy|none
Set autoscale type

Turn off all toolbars

-batch file
Execute batch file on start up (i.e., after all other options have been processed
and the UI initialized)

-block file
Assume the data file is block data

-bxy x:y:etc.
Form a set from the current block data set using the current set type from columns
given in the argument

-datehint iso|european|us|days|seconds|nohint
Set the hint for dates analysis

-dpipe descriptor
Read data from descriptor on startup

-fixed width height
Set canvas size fixed to width*height

-free Use free page layout

-graph number
Set the current graph number

-graphtype xy|chart|fixed|polar|pie
Set the type of the current graph

No interactive session, just print and quit

-hdevice device_name
Set default hardcopy device. See xmgrace -version for a list of supported devices.

Install private colormap

-legend load
Turn the graph legend on

-log x|y|xy
Set the axis scaling of the current graph to logarithmic

-maxpath length
Set the maximal drawing path length

-mono Run grace in monochrome mode (affects the display only)

-netcdf file
Assume data file is in netCDF format. This option is present only if the netCDF
support was compiled in

-netcdfxy X_var Y_var
If -netcdf was used previously, read from the netCDF file X_var and Y_var variables
and create a set. If X_var is "null" then load the index of Y to X. This option
is present only if the netCDF support was compiled in

-noask Assume the answer is yes to all requests, if the operation would overwrite a file,
grace will do so without prompting

Don't use private colormap

In batch mode, do not print

Disable safe mode

Don't catch signals

-npipe file
Read data from named pipe on startup

-nxy file
Assume data file is in X Y1 Y2 Y3 ... format

-param file
Load parameters from file to the current graph

-pexec string
Interpret string as a parameter setting

-pipe Read data from stdin on startup

-printfile file
Save print output to file

Remove data file(s) after read

-results file
Write results of some data manipulations to file

Exchange the color indices for black and white

-safe Run in the safe mode (default)

-saveall file
Save all to file

-seed value
Integer seed for random number generator

-settype xy|xydx|...
Set the type of the next data file

-source disk|pipe
Source type of next data file

-timer delay
Set allowed time slice for real time inputs to delay ms

Add timestamp to plot

Show the program version, registered devices and build time configuration

[DEBIAN] Direct PDF output has been disabled since the PDF library is not free
software. There is an easy workaround - just use the epstopdf script from the
tetex-bin package.

-viewport xmin ymin xmax ymax
Set the viewport for the current graph

-wd path
Set the working directory

-world xmin ymin xmax ymax
Set the world coordinates for the current graph

This message


When run in the GUI mode, the interface is a subject to X resource settings.
Please refer to the User's Guide for a list of important ones.


Specifies the directory where the Grace docs and libs are stored. Default is

The shell command to run an HTML viewer for on-line browsing of the help documents.
Must include at least one instance of "%s" which will be replaced with the actual
URL by Grace. Default is mozilla %s

Specifies the editor which is used to edit sets. Default is xterm -e vi

The print command.

and GRACE_FFTW_WISDOM_FILE A flag (0 or 1) and a file name which determine whether
a FFT should use `wisdom' when using the FFTW libraries.

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