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GROK-MANIFEST - Create manifest for use with grokmirror


grok-manifest [opts] -m manifest.js[.gz] -t /path [/path/to/bare.git]


Call grok-manifest from a git post-update or post-receive hook to create the latest
repository manifest. This manifest file is downloaded by mirror slaves (if newer than what
they already have) and used to only clone/pull the repositories that have changed since
the mirror's last run.


show program's version number and exit

-h, --help
show this help message and exit

-m MANIFILE, --manifest=MANIFILE
Location of manifest.js or manifest.js.gz

-t TOPLEVEL, --toplevel=TOPLEVEL
Top dir where all repositories reside

-l LOGFILE, --logfile=LOGFILE
When specified, will put debug logs in this location

-c, --check-export-ok
Honor the git-daemon-export-ok magic file and do not export repositories not
marked as such

-n, --use-now
Use current timestamp instead of parsing commits

-p, --purge
Purge deleted git repositories from manifest

-x, --remove
Remove repositories passed as arguments from the manifest file

-y, --pretty
Pretty-print the generated manifest (sort repos and add indentation). This is
much slower, so should be used with caution on large collections.

-w, --wait-for-manifest
When running with arguments, wait if manifest is not there (can be useful when
multiple writers are writing to the manifest file via NFS)

-i IGNORE, --ignore-paths=IGNORE
When finding git dirs, ignore these paths (can be used multiple times, accepts
shell-style globbing)

-v, --verbose
Be verbose and tell us what you are doing


The examples assume that the repositories are located in /repos. If your repositories are
in /var/lib/git, adjust both -m and -t flags accordingly.

Initial manifest generation:

/usr/bin/grok-manifest -m /repos/manifest.js.gz -t /repos

Inside the git hook:

/usr/bin/grok-manifest -m /repos/manifest.js.gz -t /repos -n `pwd`

To purge deleted repositories, use the -p flag when running from cron:

/usr/bin/grok-manifest -m /repos/manifest.js.gz -t /repos -p

You can also add it to the gitolite's "rm" ADC using the -x flag:

/usr/bin/grok-manifest -m /repos/manifest.js.gz -t /repos -x $repo.git

To troubleshoot potential problems, you can pass -l parameter to grok-manifest, just make
sure the user executing the hook command (user git or gitolite, for example) is able to
write to that location:

/usr/bin/grok-manifest -m /repos/manifest.js.gz -t /repos \
-l /var/log/git/grok-manifest-hook.log -n `pwd`

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