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Smalltalk - the GNU Smalltalk virtual machine


GNU Smalltalk usage:

gst [ flag ... ] [ file ... ] gst [ flag ... ] { -f | --file } file [ args ... ]

Short flags can appear either as -xyz or as -x -y -z. If an option is mandatory for a
long option, it is also mandatory for a short one. The currently defined set of flags is:

-a --smalltalk-args
Pass the remaining arguments to Smalltalk.

-c --core-dump
Dump core on fatal signal.

-D --declaration-trace
Trace compilation of all loaded files.

-E --execution-trace
Trace execution of all loaded files.

-g --no-gc-message
Do not print garbage collection messages.

-H --help
Print this message and exit.

-i --rebuild-image
Ignore the image file; rebuild it from scratch.

Rebuild the image file from scratch if any kernel file is newer.

-I --image FILE
Instead of `gst.im', use FILE as the image file, and ignore the kernel files'

-K --kernel-file FILE
Make FILE's path relative to the image path.

-q --quiet --silent
Do not print execution information.

-r --regression-test
Run in regression test mode, i.e. make printed messages constant.

-S --snapshot
Save a snapshot just before exiting.

-v --version
Print the Smalltalk version number and exit.

-V --verbose
Show names of loaded files and execution stats.

Execute as a `process' (from within Emacs)

--kernel-directory DIR
Look for kernel files in directory DIR.

Don't read user customization files.

- Read input from standard input explicitly.

Files are loaded one after the other. After the last one is loaded, Smalltalk will exit.
If no files are specified, Smalltalk reads from the terminal, with prompts.

In the second form, the file after -f is the last loaded file; any parameter after that
file is passed to the Smalltalk program.

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