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gt5 - a diff-capable 'du-browser'


gt5 [ dir | file | dir file | file file2 ] [options]


gt5 reads the output of du, compares it with a du-log saved by the last run, converts it
into HTML and opens the resulting file with a textbrowser.

If files are given on the commandline they are expected to be (optionally
gzip/bzip2-compressed) logfiles of du -akx /some/dir. It is up to you to take care that
the given directories/files represent the same directory. gt5 will show lots of new files
if you don't. ;-)


--cut-at float
Files and directories that are below float percent of their parents are not shown.
Default is 0.1, gt5 will accept values between 0.01 and 30.

Turn on debug. Generate HTML files and do not run browser.

--diff-dir directory
Use directory instead of ~/.gt5-diffs/ to read/store du-logs. This switch is
ignored if gt5 is only used with files.

Do not save the current state, in other words: be able to diff against the old
state again. This feature is disabled if gt5 is only used with files.

--help Display brief help.

Also insert links to files to access them from within gt5. This can be very handy
if your browser is configured to handle the files MIME-type correctly. This
feature is disabled if gt5 is only used with files.

--max-depth int
Do not show anything below a depth of int directories. Default is 5 (also see BUGS

--max-lines int
Only consider the int biggest files and directories within the output of du.

Use this if you are not interested in the history of the directories processed, for
example in /tmp.

--save-as file
DEPRECATED, use du -akx or du -ak (see --with-mounts), save the output to a file
and run gt5 against one (ore two) of these files later.

Force saving current state, overwriting a previous --discard. (Some people seem to
have gt5 aliased to 'gt5 --discard'.)

Display messages.

By default gt5 calls du with -akx to ignore mounted filesystems. Use this to
inspect mounted partitions too, i.e. call du with -ak


If gawk or a textbrowser are missing and you want to install them into ~/bin (or
/usr/local/bin if you have write access there), gt5 comes with the following helpers:

Download, compile and install a copy of gawk.

Download, compile and install a copy of links.

Download, compile and install a copy of links2.

Download, compile and install a copy of elinks.


It is recommended to use links with gt5. Other textbrowsers are also possible but there
are several good reasons why links is given priority over the others:

links is much faster on startup/exit

lynx: does not honor a documents coloring

no colors, unfavourable cursor navigation

no colors, can't handle <a name>-tags

w3m: Version 0.5.2 and later are known to work. Older versions experienced unfavourable
handling of <a name>-tag, unfavourable cursor navigation and no colors

Only links/links2, elinks and lynx are now considered usable (and also chosen in that
order). See ENVIRONMENT/GT5_BROWSER below.

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