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hershey-font-gnuplot - Hershey vector fonts renderer for gnuplot


hershey-font-gnuplot [options] font 'Text to Render'

hershey-font-gnuplot [options] font


The Hershey fonts are a collection of vector fonts developed circa 1967 by Dr. A. V.

hershey-font-gnuplot renders Hershey font text in the form of a gnuplot input file. Its
output must be piped to gnuplot as shown in the EXAMPLES section below.

If no 'Text to Render' is specified, a font sample sheet displaying all the font's glyphs
will be generated.


The font parameter must be the name of a system-installed Hershey font or the filename of
a Hershey font .jhf file. The Hershey fonts likely to be installed are:

astrology, cursive, cyrillic, futural, futuram, gothgbt, gothgrt, gothiceng, gothicger,
gothicita, gothitt, greekc, greek, greeks, japanese, markers, mathlow, mathupp,
meteorology, music, rowmand, rowmans, rowmant, scriptc, scripts, symbolic, timesg,
timesib, timesi, timesrb, timesr


-T 'gnuplot_terminal_type [gnuplot_terminal_opts]'
Set gnuplot output type and options, for example:
-T pdf
-T png
-T 'png crop transparent'
See gnuplot's set terminal command for more output type options. If not specified,
an X11 window display (wxt) is selected.

-h font_height
Set the font height in pixels (default 100).


hershey-font-gnuplot japanese | gnuplot -p

hershey-font-gnuplot futural 'Hello World!' | gnuplot -p

hershey-font-gnuplot gothiceng 'Calligraphy' | gnuplot -p

hershey-font-gnuplot -T 'png crop' scriptc 'Nice Text' | gnuplot > out.png

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