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hp-setup - Printer/Fax Setup Utility


Installs HPLIP printers and faxes in the CUPS spooler. Tries to automatically determine
the correct PPD file to use. Allows the printing of a testpage. Performs basic fax
parameter setup.


hp-setup [MODE] [OPTIONS] [SERIAL NO.|USB bus:device|IP|DEVNODE]


Run in graphical UI mode:
-u or --gui (Default)

Run in interactive mode:
-i or --interactive


Automatic mode:
-a or --auto (-i mode only)

To specify the port on a multi-port JetDirect:
--port=<port> (Valid values are 1*, 2, and 3. *default)

No testpage in automatic mode:
-x (-i mode only)

To specify a CUPS printer queue name:
-p<printer> or --printer=<printer> (-i mode only)

To specify a CUPS fax queue name:
-f<fax> or --fax=<fax> (-i mode only)

Type of queue(s) to install:
-t<typelist> or --type=<typelist>. <typelist>: print*, fax* (*default) (-i mode

To specify the device URI to install:
-d<device> or --device=<device> (--qt4 mode only)

Remove printers or faxes instead of setting-up:
-r or --rm or --remove

Set the language:
--loc=<lang> or --lang=<lang>. Use --loc=? or --lang=? to see a list of available
language codes.

Set the logging level:
-l<level> or --logging=<level> <level>: none, info*, error, warn, debug (*default)

Run in debug mode:
-g (same as option: -ldebug)

This help information:
-h or --help


USB bus:device (usb only):
"xxx:yyy" where 'xxx' is the USB bus and 'yyy' is the USB device. (Note: The ':'
and all leading zeros must be present.) Use the 'lsusb' command to obtain this

IPs (network only):
IPv4 address "a.b.c.d" or "hostname"

DEVNODE (parallel only):
"/dev/parportX", X=0,1,2,...

SERIAL NO. (usb and parallel only):
"serial no."


Setup using GUI mode:
$ hp-setup

Setup using GUI mode, specifying usb:
$ hp-setup -b usb

Setup using GUI mode, specifying an IP:
$ hp-setup

One USB printer attached, automatic:
$ hp-setup -i -a

USB, IDs specified:
$ hp-setup -i 001:002

$ hp-setup -i

Network, Jetdirect port 2:
$ hp-setup -i --port=2

$ hp-setup -i /dev/parport0

USB or parallel, using serial number:
$ hp-setup -i US12345678A

USB, automatic:
$ hp-setup -i --auto 001:002

Parallel, automatic, no testpage:
$ hp-setup -i -a -x /dev/parport0

Parallel, choose device:
$ hp-setup -i -b par


1. If no serial number, USB ID, IP, or device node is specified, the USB and parallel
busses will be probed for devices.

2. Using 'lsusb' to obtain USB IDs: (example)

$ lsusb

Bus 003 Device 011: ID 03f0:c202 Hewlett-Packard

$ hp-setup --auto 003:011

(Note: You may have to run 'lsusb' from /sbin or another location. Use '$ locate lsusb'
to determine this.)

3. Parameters -a, -f, -p, or -t are not valid in GUI (-u) mode.

Use hp-setup online using onworks.net services

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