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html2markdown - converts a page of HTML into markdown.


html2markdown [options...] [(filename|url) [encoding]]


html2markdown downloads the specified HTML page, and converts it to text marked up with
markdown. The source HTML page may be a local file or remote URL. If not specified, it
will be read from standard input. The output is printed to standard output.

If an encoding is specified, it will override any encoding information provided by the
HTTP Server. When not specified, python-feedparser (if available) will be used to
determine the source encoding. If not available, or when reading local files, the
encoding is assumed to be UTF-8.


Don't wrap long links.

Don't include any formatting for emphasis.

Use reference style links instead of in-line links.

Don't include any formatting for links.

Protect links from line breaks surrounding them with angle brackets.

Don't include any formatting for images.

Discard image data, only keep alt text.

Write image tags with height and width attrs as raw html to retain dimensions.

-g, --google-doc
Convert an html-exported Google Document.

-d, --dash-unordered-list
Use a dash rather than a star for unordered list items.

-e, --asterisk-emphasis
Use an asterisk rather than an underscore for emphasized text.

-b BODY_WIDTH, --body-width=BODY_WIDTH
Number of characters per output line, 0 for no wrap.

-i LIST_INDENT, --google-list-indent=LIST_INDENT
Number of pixels Google indents nested lists.

-s, --hide-strikethrough
Hide strike-through text. Only relevant when -g is specified as well.

Escape all special characters. Output is less readable, but avoids corner case
formatting issues.

Format tables in HTML rather than Markdown syntax.

Use a single line break after a block element rather than two line breaks. NOTE:
Requires --body-width=0.

Use unicode throughout document.

Do not use automatic links wherever applicable.

Do not skip internal links.

Put links after each paragraph instead of document.

Mark program code blocks with [code]...[/code].

What to do in case of decode errors. ignore, strict, and replace are acceptable

Show program's version number and exit.

-h, --help
Show a help message and exit.

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