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httpcfg - Mono Certificate Management for HttpListener


httpcfg [options] certificate


This tool is used to manage the certificates used by the HttpListener embeddable server
class when the HttpListener is configured as an HTTPS server instead of an HTTP server.

You must select one of the possible actions: add, delete or list.

When adding a certificate (-add), you must provide the following information: a
certificate (with the -cert flag) a Private Key file (with the -pvk argument, the filename
is typically "key") and a port number (with the -port flag).

When deleting a certificate (-del or -delete) you need to provide the port number.


-add Adds a new certificate/private key combination for being used at a given port by
the HttpListener API.

-del, -delete
Deletes the certificates associated for the port specified (must be specified

-list List all known certificates.

-port PORT
Specifies the port to add certificates to, or remove certificates from.

-pvk FILE
Specifies the Private Key file.

-cert CERT
Specifies the certificate file to use.


httpcfg -add -port 8081 -pvk myfile.pvk -cert MyCert

For more details on creating the certificate file and the private key, see the following
web page:


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