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hwloc-ps - List currently-running processes or threads that are bound


hwloc-ps [options]


-a list all processes, even those that are not bound to any specific part of the

-p --physical
report OS/physical indexes instead of logical indexes

-l --logical
report logical indexes instead of physical/OS indexes (default)

-c --cpuset
show process bindings as cpusets instead of objects.

-t --threads
show threads inside processes. If -a is given as well, list all threads within
each process. Otherwise, show all threads inside each process where at least
one thread is bound.

-e --get-last-cpu-location
Report the last processors where the process/thread ran. Note that the result
may already be outdated when reported since the operating system may move the
tasks to other processors at any time according to the binding.

Do not consider administration limitations.

--pid-cmd <cmd>
Append the output of the given command to each PID line. For each displayed
process ID, execute the command <cmd> <pid> and append the first line of its
output to the regular hwloc-ps line.


By default, hwloc-ps lists only those currently-running processes that are bound. If -t is
given, processes that are not bound but contain at least one bound thread are also
displayed, as well as all their threads.

hwloc-ps displays process identifier, command-line and binding. The binding may be
reported as objects or cpusets.

By default, process bindings are restricted to the currently available topology. If some
processes are bound to processors that are not available to the current process, they are
ignored unless --whole-system is given.

The output is a plain list. If you wish to annotate the hierarchical topology with
processes so as to see how they are actual distributed on the machine, you might want to
use lstopo --ps instead (which also only shows processes that are bound).

The -a switch can be used to show all processes, if desired.


If a process is bound, it appears in the default output:

$ utils/hwloc-ps
4759 Core:0 myprogram

If a process is not bound but 3 of his 4 threads are bound, it only appears in the thread-
aware output:

$ utils/hwloc-ps

$ utils/hwloc-ps -t
4759 Machine:0 myprogram
4759 Machine:0
4761 PU:0
4762 PU:2
4765 PU:1

To display the binding of already running MPI processes (launched by Open MPI) and append
their MPI rank (in MPI_COMM_WORLD) to each line:

$ utils/hwloc-ps --pid-cmd myscript
29093 L1dCache:0 myprogram OMPI_COMM_WORLD_RANK=0
29094 L1dCache:2 myprogram OMPI_COMM_WORLD_RANK=1
29095 L1dCache:1 myprogram OMPI_COMM_WORLD_RANK=2
29096 L1dCache:3 myprogram OMPI_COMM_WORLD_RANK=3

where myscript is a bash script doing:

cat /proc/$1/environ 2>/dev/null | xargs --null --max-args=1 echo | grep

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