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Create - Create Lab/Jab gamut plot.


Create Lab/Jab gamut plot


iccgamut [options] profile

-v Verbose

-d sres
Surface resolution details 1.0 - 50.0

-w emit VRML .wrl file as well as CGATS .gam file

-n Don't add VRML axes or white/black point

-k Add VRML markers for prim. & sec. "cusp" points

-f function
f = forward*, b = backwards

-i intent
p = perceptual, r = relative colorimetric, s = saturation, a = absolute (default),
d = profile default

-p oride
l = Lab_PCS (default), j = CIECAM02 Appearance Jab

-o order
n = normal (priority: lut > matrix > monochrome) r = reverse (priority: monochrome
> matrix > lut)

-l tlimit
set total ink limit, 0 - 400% (estimate by default)

-L klimit
set black ink limit, 0 - 100% (estimate by default)

-c viewcond
set viewing conditions for CIECAM02, either an enumerated choice, or a series of
parameter:value changes

pp - Practical Reflection Print (ISO-3664 P2) pe - Print evaluation environment
(CIE 116-1995) pc - Critical print evaluation environment (ISO-3664 P1) mt -
Monitor in typical work environment mb - Bright monitor in bright work environment
md - Monitor in darkened work environment jm - Projector in dim environment jd -
Projector in dark environment tv - Television/Film Studio

pcd - Photo CD - original scene outdoors

ob - Original scene - Bright Outdoors cx - Cut Sheet Transparencies on a viewing

n = auto, a = average, m = dim, d = dark, c = transparency (default average)

Adapted white point as XYZ (default media white)

w:x:y Adapted white point as x, y

Adaptation luminance in cd.m^2 (default 50.0)

Background % of image luminance (default 20)

Image white in cd.m^2 if surround = auto (default 250)

Flare light % of image luminance (default 0)

Flare light % of ambient (default 1)

Flare color as XYZ (default media white, Abs: D50)

g:x:y Flare color as x, y

-s Create special cube surface topology plot

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